AppAgent’s Best Practices for Mobile Ad Creatives Production

AppAgent‘s Founder, Peter Fodor, recently moderated one of the best panels on Mobile Ad Creatives we have ever seen. We are very thankful and honored that he and the panelists chose our App Growth Summit Berlin 2018 as the event for this unique format.

The panel consisted of Peter as the moderator, Elena Tsarkova from Wooga, Raymond Cheung from WarGaming, and Juliane Besler from Fluffy Fairy Games. During this panel, each Mobile Ad Creatives expert walked the attendees through different video examples from recent campaigns, discussed their creative processes, and performance of gameplay videos vs cinamatics…and much more!

You can read the full and very thorough recap on the AppAgent blog, complete with the video samples and insights they shared from the panel.

If you would like to experience best in class content like this in person, please Request An Invite to our next global event near you!

Read AppAgent’s “Best Practices for Mobile Ad Creatives Production…”

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Nancy Roberts

"App Growth Summit SF was one of the best conferences I've attended in mobile marketing. The content, event team, and attendees were among the best. I appreciated the small touches AGS considered to make the event more personal for the attendees and sponsors."

Nancy Roberts, Glispa
Olivier Rozay

"A boutique conference focused on quality not quantity"

Olivier Rozay, Pinger, Inc