App Growth Experts NYC “5K for Charity”

June 1, 2019 Brooklyn • New York

Since they’re so good at running growth strategies to help their companies, they wanted to actually run to help a great cause! So, our App Growth Experts NYC Community will be entering into our first official “5K for Charity!

App Growth Experts will cover each marketers’…

  • Cost of Entry
  • Custom Team T-Shirt
  • Special brunch afterwards!
  • Every Marketer will also be co-signed on our donation to the charitable cause (to be announced very soon)!

Please note, this is not a for-profit event. All sponsorship revenue above costs and fees will be donated to the charity!

Any non-vendor (network, platform, tool, agency, consultant, etc) is welcome to join us, but you cannot be a Vendor/Agency/Consultant.

Vendors, Agencies & Consultants: You’re welcome to join the team and event as sponsors. Our running team will be capped due to cost and donation, so the more sponsors who join us, the larger the team we can have, and the larger the donation we can make for this App Growth Expert NYC Community event. Request Sponsorship Information Here.

If you are an App Publisher, Developer, or Brand Marketer, and would like to join our team in the 5K run, please Request An Invite! No vendors, agencies, or consultants, please.

What They're Saying

Steven Chang - Trov Inc

"App Growth Summit was one of the best marketing conferences that I have been to."

Steven Chang, Trov, Inc
Cameron Thom

"App Growth Summit SF was an amazing event. For all the marketers that want to get good content, network, and have a blast, check out App Growth Summit's future events!"

Cameron Thom, Adikteev