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The Top 5 Analytics SDKs in 2018

Software development kits (SDKs) are invaluable tools for developers who want to build complex apps and programs. One type of SDK is that is more popular than ever is the analytics SDK. Developers who want to better collect data and really understand what’s happening with their apps can use an analytics SDK to see how […]

Mobile App Community Shares Insights & Recaps from App Growth Summit SF 2018!

476 Mobile App Marketing & Product professionals attended App Growth Summit SF 2018 on October 25, 2018. The content-packed single-day event featured 80+ Speakers in 40 Sessions across 4 distinct room set-ups. Due to our Invite-Only format, we kept Vendors in attendance down to a comfortable 25%. This made the networking, knowledge-sharing, and overall attendee […]

Retention Vs. Engagement: When Everything Starts with Emotion

Retention and Engagement are hot topics, that we see a lot of articles everyday about it. Everybody is talking about retention, churn rate and all the  other buzz words related, but retention is different for company A or B. Before talking about retention, let’s take a step back. The years can pass, but the reality […]

These 5 Publishers Are Dominating The Hyper-Casual Games Market

Hyper-casual games are a major development in the fast-paced mobile industry. We take a look at the publishers who are shaping its future. The mobile games industry is fast-paced, highly profitable, and ludicrously competitive. It’s also a market space where trends develop and flourish in a surprisingly short span of time. Hyper-casual games are an […]

MWCA18 Recap by TMGA – featuring App Growth Summit

On September 14th, The Mobile Growth Agency (TMGA) hosted another Mobile Growth House event. These Mobile Growth House events usually couple with larger conferences for a few hours during one of the days of the event. Previously, Mobile Growth House events have appeared at SXSW in addition to this year’s Mobile World Congress Americas in […]

Why Snapchat Could Be The Missing Link in Your App’s Growth Strategy

Marketing your app can be difficult. The app market is fiercely competitive and traditional advertising methods are increasingly expensive, so you may feel like many who have successfully advertised their app have just gotten lucky. However, perhaps you just haven’t been driving campaigns in the right places. Particularly in the area of Gen Z marketing, […]

How to Increase Organic Mobile App Downloads Without Changing Keywords

Want to learn how to increase your organic downloads without any keyword optimization? Have you fully optimized your app name, subtitle and keyword fields and looking for new opportunities? In this article, we will show you three simple ways to increase your organic downloads without any keyword optimization. 1. App Icon Developers do not spend […]

The Realities of the Traffic Purchase Market

The realities of traffic purchase market in 2018. Find out how to spend your budget on real users and not give it to fraudsters. Most of the app industry companies are expanding their marketing budgets from year to year, putting more money and efforts into mobile. For example, Uber claimed to spent about $82.5 million […]

ASO Hacks that Move the Needle in a Crowded Marketplace

The app stores are competitive environments, and any competitive edge developers can get can make the difference between a hit app and a major miss. App Store Optimization (ASO) can provide that edge, with best practices to ensure an app will both appear organically in searches and appeal to users. Beyond the ASO basics, there […]

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