Mobile Retention & Engagement Strategies for the 2018 Holiday Season (Virtual Panel)

August 21, 2018 Virtual Panel • (Online Broadcast)
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Brian Schmidt
Brian Schmidt Director of CRM, Growth & Retention Fender Musical Instruments
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
Kara Dake VP of Growth and Partnerships CleverTap
Louis Tanguay
Louis Tanguay Founder App Growth Experts
App Growth Experts

Information & Details

App Growth Experts hosted our very first Virtual Panel! Some call these “webinars,” but we’re structuring our online broadcast to be similar in style to one of the panels you’ll experience at any of the App Growth Summit events all over the world!

Brian Schmidt, Director of CRM, Growth & Retention for Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, and Kara Dake, VP of Growth & Partnerships for CleverTap will be our guests in an in-depth discussion on Best Practices in Mobile Retention for the upcoming 2018 Holiday season.

You will learn:

  • Trends and Key Topics for Holiday Campaigns
  • Retention Strategies & Tactics
  • Cutting-Edge Use Cases & Case Studies
  • …and much more during this 35-minute experts panel!

View the Video Recording of this Virtual Session:

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Bianca Chan

"The App Growth Summit gave me a glimpse into how successful ventures manage a strong and unique brand. As a co-founder of a young startup less than a year old, there are many marketing challenges I look forward to tackling."

Bianca Chan, Octane Technologies
Tamy Ribeiro

"Attending the App Growth Summit was a wise investment of my time. It’s a great event with a high density of real experts."

Tamy Ribeiro, Wunder Mobility