App Growth Masterminds NYC 2022

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September 29, 2022 10am ET • Midtown Loft & Terrace • 267 5th Ave, Midtown Manhattan
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App Growth Masterminds NYC is not like our regular App Growth Summits. This new, more intimate format has been very popular, because it’s one part idea-exchange, one part brainstorming, and all-around fun! All while creating connections in a new, fresh, and positive environment conducive to ideation, networking, and knowledge sharing.

Limited to 30 Experts
Fully-Immersive Format
Open & Honest Closed-Door Discussions

App Growth Masterminds NYC is invite-only, and limited only to leaders in the Mobile App Growth industry who were actively looking to improve their app success and the industry as a whole by sharing real off-the-record information and strategies together.

Network & Connect with Fellow Experts
Learn What’s Working (& What’s Not) with Others
Personalized Brainstorming & Ideation

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Pre-Event Networking & Coffee

Arrive into our retreat-for-the-day space rooftop terrace, grab some coffee and light breakfast, and start meeting the other app growth experts who you'll be spending the day, exchanging ideas and strategies with!

Welcome Message & Introductions

We'll kick-off the event, explain how the AGS Masterminds work, and set everyone up for a day designed for ideation, strategy discussions, and building bonds with your fellow app growth experts. Everyone will introduce themselves to the group, and we'll get things started!

Tackling Data Chaos!
How to Overcome Customer Data Headaches and Develop a Winning First-Party Data Strategy

The amount of customer data available to brands has absolutely exploded in the past decade, giving brands an opportunity to create personalized experiences. But with the introduction of privacy regulations, thousands of new marketing tools, new customer touch points, and more, this data can simply cause chaos. It's hard to measure and manage, but most importantly, blocks brands from delivering winning customer experiences. The fun stuff! Come to this session to learn how brands like M&S, Klarna and Discovery solve data chaos.

Topic-Based Roundtables

Here are our first Roundtable discussions of the day! In this round of discussions, each Roundtable is led by an expert on that topic. Pick the topic which works best for your interests and get in there! Halfway through, you'll have the opportunity to continue discussing your initially-chosen topic, or, move to one of the others.

Roundtable Topics Include:

  • Creatives & Creative Iterations
  • Lifecycle Marketing Optimization
  • Post-IDFA UA Strategies
Fully-Catered Lunch!

Taking a break for food, we'll offer a tasty catered lunch, refill the coffee, and do a little more networking at the halfway point of our Masterminds.

Discussion Panel
Optimizing Your App Growth Strategy

In the second full-group content session of the day, we’ll explore how to optimize your App Growth Strategy, so you understand how to best realise ROI on your growth efforts throughout the funnel. We’ll explore acquisition and engagement strategies, and when to re-connect with users at key moments to optimize your growth efforts.

App Growth Challenge

To prep the Mastermind Roundtables for the final session, we'll split everyone up into groups. Each group will become a team, where you'll have to work together to win the App Growth Challenge trivia game! This game will help you break the ice with your team, and help you bond so you can brainstorm better in the following Masterminds session.

Mastermind Roundtable Sessions
Deep Dive Mastermind Discussions

The whole day has been designed to prep your mind, energy, camaraderie and focus towards this 90-minute session. Here's where the rubber meets the road. All phones will be turned OFF for this session, but note pads will be provided for inspiration-capture. Our experts in attendance will be able to share information freely and privately with each other!

Networking Happy Hour
Open Bar Reception & Food

All that discussion and networking has probably made you hungry! So let's have a few drinks, some food, and network with your fellow app growth experts! We'll cap the day off with some fun, networking, and exchange contact information as you like to stay connected with some new friends, and established colleagues alike. This is our thanks to you for spending the day with us, and enjoying this unique interactive event format!


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Like all App Growth Masterminds, this event is Invite-Only with limited attendees and sponsors. App Growth Masterminds NYC 2022 is 100% free and open for any Mobile App, Game, or Brand to Request an Invitation. Vendors & Services providers must be sponsors in order to attend. If you qualify for an invite, and would like to attend, please feel free to…
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App Growth Summit Testimonials

Jonathan Raveh

"AGS was an extremely positive experience. Content-wise, AGS Berlin enriched me with some of the best insights I heard in 2018. On the business level, it enabled me to meet the right people to explore doing business with, without too many vendors in the way. An overall great event!"

Jonathan Raveh, AppsFlyer
Lior Barak

"App Growth Summit was an amazing experience, driving great knowledge and awesome conversations about data, marketing, and the line between the two. I for sure will come back for the next event."

Lior Barak, A Tale About Data