SpeakHer Virtual Summit

June 2, 2020 • Register Now!

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Thank you very much for your interest in Registering for the SpeakHer Virtual Summit!Unlike our usual invite-only events, SpeakHer is open to everyone! We want as many supporters as possible to hear what these amazing Mobile App Growth thought-leaders have to say, as well as the growth and product strategies they have to share!

Mobile App & Game Publishers, Developers, Brand Marketers, Consultants and service providers, please fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you soon with your registration information and we’ll see you soon!

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App Growth Summit Testimonials

Lior Barak

"App Growth Summit was an amazing experience, driving great knowledge and awesome conversations about data, marketing, and the line between the two. I for sure will come back for the next event."

Lior Barak, A Tale About Data
Luca Stefanutti

"App Growth Summit had a great balance of non-gaming and gaming insights, and is the perfect networking environment for real experts coming from all over."

Luca Stefanutti, Runtastic Adidas