AGS Mastermind Roundtables LA

Limited to Only 25 App Growth Experts!
September 26, 2019 Marina del Rey • Los Angeles, CA
Overview Agenda

App Growth Experts: Mastermind Roundtables LA is not like our regular App Growth Summits. This new format is one part idea-exchange, one part brainstorming, and all-around fun, while creating connections in a new, fresh, and positive environment conducive to ideation, networking, and knowledge sharing.

Limited to 30 Experts
Fully-Immersive Format
Open & Honest Closed-Door Discussions

App Growth Experts: Mastermind Roundtables LA is invite-only, and limited only to leaders in the Mobile App Growth industry who are actively looking to improve their app success and the industry as a whole by sharing real off-the-record information and strategies together.

Network & Connect with Fellow Experts
Learn What’s Working (& What’s Not) with Others
Personalized Brainstorming & Ideation

Due to the intimate nature of this event, no vendors will be extended invitations who aren’t one of the limited number of pre-approved Sponsors. If you want to contribute to real information and knowledge sharing with your local mobile app growth peers, then please…

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Pre-Event Networking & Coffee

Arrive into our retreat-for-the-day space, grab some java, and start meeting your fellow mastermind experts!

Welcome Message

We'll kick-off the event, explain how the day will work, and set everyone up for a day designed for opening up your mind and ideas and building bonds with your fellow app growth experts.

What's Working - Lightning Round

Everyone (yes, even you) will have 90 seconds to share one thing they're working on right now which is working for them. NOTE: No Photos allowed during this session, as most will be sharing real data and information.

Thought-Igniting Leaders Talks

Quick Presentations from a couple of industry thought-leaders to help kick-start your brain!

Dina Chaiffetz will give the group some ideas and pointers on how Consumer Psychology plays into your app's growth success and sustainability.

David Mausolf will give some ideas and examples on how to approach building a modern, efficient, and kick-ass modern app growth team!

Dina Chaiffetz
Dina Chaiffetz Prolific Interactive Director of Product Strategy, Prolific Interactive
David Mausolf
David Mausolf Vice President, User Acquisition Marketing, Twentieth Century Fox
Catered Lunch!

We'll take a break for fueling up, networking with your peers, and light interpersonal discussions on what you just heard.

Team Games!

To prep the Mastermind Roundtable, we'll split everyone up into groups and each group will become a team for a few team-oriented games, where you'll have to work together to win! This game will break the ice with your roundtable group, and help you bond mentally so you can brainstorm better in the following session.

Deep Dive Private Roundtable Discussions

The whole day has been designed to prep your mind, energy, camaraderie and focus towards this 2-hour session. Here's where the rubber meets the road. All phones will be turned OFF for this session, but note pads will be provided for inspiration-capture.

Real talk, real strategies, real idea exchanges. Our custom-curated format for Mastermind Roundtables will help each individual maximize the full experience and brain-power from the rest of the group. Everyone will take turns giving and receiving advice, ideas, strategies and information.


Now that all the ideations and strategies have been given and received, it's time to network one more time with our open barAPPY HOUR, and go over some of the amazing learnings, break-throughs, and insights you've gathered throughout the day!


Request an invitation to one of the most exclusive Masterminds in the Mobile App Growth industry! No vendors, please. This event is limited attendance, and open only to Mobile App Publishers, Developers and Brand Marketers. If that's you, then please......

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App Growth Summit Testimonials

David Shackleton

"The eye of the storm of thought leaders thinking about the future of mobile - a super meeting of leaders."

David Shackleton, OpenBack
Anna Yukhtenko

"I do like the vibe that there’s not that many vendors, or a lot of people trying to sell stuff to you."

Anna Yukhtenko, Hutch