App Growth Summit Berlin 2018

May 16-17, 2018 Berliner Freiheit • Berliner Freiheit 2, 10785, Berlin, Germany
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App Growth Summit Berlin 2018 was a fresh and uniquely formatted event in Berlin, Germany on 16-17 May. Two full days of Presentations, Panels and Workshops to learn and discuss app growth strategies for Mobile Apps & Mobile Games.

Day 1 – APPS: Featured mobile app experts and leaders such as Delivery Hero, Zalando, Wayfair, HelloFresh, Runtastic, VERO, and more!

Day 2 – GAMES: Featured Gaming leaders such as Rovio, Wooga, Nordeus, and more!

Each day was capped off by a Happy Hour in partnership with the Mobile App community of Publishers and Developers known as Mobile Marketing Experts!

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These Companies (and more!) were at App Growth Summit Berlin 2018:

App Growth Summit Berlin 2018

Featured Speakers

Sophie Vo
Sophie Vo Rovio Executive Producer Rovio
Franziska Elsaesser
Franziska Elsaesser EMEA Cross-Google Partner Manager, Gaming GOOGLE
Benjamin Bauer
Benjamin Bauer Delivery Hero Founder foodpanda / VP Consumer Delivery Hero Delivery Hero
Delivery Hero
Timothy Armoo
Timothy Armoo CEO Fanbytes
Lior Barak
Lior Barak App Growth Expert App Growth Expert Data Experts & Hummus Lover
App Growth Expert
Juliane Besler
Juliane Besler Fluffy Fairy Marketing & ASO Manager Fluffy Fairy Games
Fluffy Fairy Games
Gessica Bicego
Gessica Bicego Director of Performance Marketing Blinkist
Andy Carvell_2021_400
Andy Carvell Partner Phiture
Paolo Cavigioli Mobile Manager YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP
Yoox Net-A-Porter Group
Maria Brigida Deleonardis
Maria Brigida Deleonardis Lead User Acquisition Free2Move
Luca Giacomel Data Scientist Bending Spoons
Bending Spoons
Masato Higgs CRM Tech Lead Delivery Hero
Delivery Hero
Felix Janzen
Felix Janzen Director Performance Marketing InnoGames
Mariya Katernyak
Mariya Katernyak Mobile Marketing Lead GoEuro
Andre Kempe
André Kempe SolidarityApp Co-Founder & CMO
Lisa Kennelly
Lisa Kennelly CMO Fishbrain
Eva Leach
Eva Leach Director, Performance Marketing Lifesum
Saulo Marti
Saulo Marti Otto Radio VP of Marketing Otto Radio
Otto Radio
Tamy Ribeiro
Tamy Ribeiro Wunder Mobility Chief Evangelist & Head of Partnerships Wunder Mobility
Wunder Mobility
Dominika Stanska
Dominika Stanska Mobile Marketing Manager Delivery Hero
Delivery Hero
Luca Stefanutti
Luca Stefanutti User Acquisition Manager Runtastic
Alistair M Stiegmann Creative Director VERO
Giulia Tobaldin ASO Manager Zalando Lounge
Zalando Lounge
Elena Tsarkova
Elena Tsarkova User Acquisition Manager Wooga


Hot Breakfast Buffet, Registration & Networking Hour
Welcome Address
The Impact of Brand and Design on App Retention

Viral by Design: Designing a great product goes without saying. By combining UI, UX, and consumer interaction, it makes for a great product that can go viral. There isn’t really a formula for designing virality into your product, but there are examples from where we can pick up growth insights to inculcate in your own products and services.

Alistair M Stiegmann Creative Director, VERO
Retention Optimization: How to Increase Retention and Reduce Ad Spend

In this Keynote Presentation, Benjamin Bauer from foodpanda & Delivery Hero will talk about the foodpanda growth story. Performance marketing had been the major growth channel for foodpanda at the start. However, changing their approach drastically when they realized the inefficiencies in traditional performance marketing, helped them discover more sustainable ways to grow the business. Benjamin will share with you how changing the Growth focus for the company helped them achieve more sustainable growth while reducing their UA spend.

Benjamin Bauer
Benjamin Bauer Delivery Hero Founder foodpanda / VP Consumer Delivery Hero, Delivery Hero
Scaling Mobile User Acquisition with Programmatic RTB

While search and social get the lion’s share of attention, in-app programmatic (RTB) advertising represents a massive opportunity to accelerate user acquisition growth and re-engagement. Join Phil Gontier, VP International at Liftoff, as he presents insights and examples of how app publishers are leveraging the programmatic channel to drive performance and scale for their mobile business. Learn how to crack the code and unlock the potential of programmatic!

Phil Gontier
Phil Gontier VP International, Liftoff
A Mobile App Marketer's Guide to Winning with Snapchat Influencers

In the world of Facebook, YouTube and Instagram ads, the app marketing world is getting very competitive. The apps who win are those who find underpriced attention and capitalise on it before others. In this session, Timothy Armoo, 22 year old CEO will be sharing how mobile apps are using the underground economy of Snapchat influencers to drive CPIs of $0.83 or less and how you can too.

Timothy Armoo
Timothy Armoo CEO, Fanbytes
Detecting, Diagnosing and Dealing with Mobile Ad Fraud

How do advertisers deal with mobile ad fraud in their daily business routines, and what are the alarming signals? Our panelists will give some expert insights into their daily business, and how they identify, analyze, and effectively combat mobile ad fraud.

Niko Thielsch
Niko Thielsch Director Sales DACH & NORDICS, Adjust
Mariya Katernyak
Mariya Katernyak Mobile Marketing Lead, GoEuro
Andre Kempe
André Kempe SolidarityApp Co-Founder & CMO,
Dominika Stanska
Dominika Stanska Mobile Marketing Manager, Delivery Hero
Monetization & Payment Strategies
Revenue Model Development

There are many ways to monetize your mobile app. What works for one app might not work for another. Publishers are always looking for the most organic and seamless ways to monetize to keep retention while while also maximizing Ad and IAP Revenue. We'll dive into how our panel of publishers developed their successful current Revenue Models, and what they learned along the way.

Jonny Kaldor
Jonny Kaldor Founder and CEO, Pugpig
Olivier Lemarie
Olivier Lemarie Molotov.TV Acquisition, Molotov.TV
Saulo Marti
Saulo Marti 8fit VP of Marketing, 8fit
Jerome Perani
Jérôme Perani L’Express Mobile & Partnerships VP, L'Express
Tamy Ribeiro
Tamy Ribeiro Wunder Mobility Chief Evangelist & Head of Partnerships, Wunder Mobility
App Store Optimization: Benefits and Challenges of Updated App Stores

Optimizing for high rankings on the App Stores is a moving target. With Google Play and the App Store constantly changing and shifting protocol, algorithms, and ranking preference, you need to stay on top of ASO’s best practices. Our panel will discuss some of the newest changes, as well as share some best practices to help you get improved rankings, and keep them, over time!

Aude Boscher
Aude Boscher bonial ASO Manager, Bonial
Mortiz Daan
Moritz Daan Author & ASO Expert, Advanced ASO Book
George Natsvlishvili
George Natsvlishvili shpock ASO Manager, Shpock
Lubo Smid
Lubo Smid Co-Founder & CEO, STRV
Giulia Tobaldin ASO Manager, Zalando Lounge
UA Growth Stacks Exchange
Learn Which Tools & Channels Experts Are Using to Improve Their App's Growth

Take a look into what UA Channels, Tools, and Integrations our Mobile Marketing experts are using to manage their growth stacks. Learn what's worked (and what hasn't) for our panelists in the past, and what tweaks they're planning to make moving forward.

Gessica Bicego
Gessica Bicego Director of Performance Marketing, Blinkist
Andy Carvell_2021_400
Andy Carvell Partner, Phiture
Paolo Cavigioli Mobile Manager, YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP
Lisa Kennelly
Lisa Kennelly CMO, Fishbrain
Eva Leach
Eva Leach Director, Performance Marketing, Lifesum
David Pertl Consultant, Harley-Davidson Prague
Putting a Lid on Your Churn
Ways to Increase Retention & Engagement to Keep Users Coming Back to Your App!

Your performance marketing and other acquisition efforts have brought in new users. Your onboarding and engagement strategies will now be a key determining factor in increasing your retention rates and putting a lid on your churn. We'll go over some ways to engage and re-engage with your users to keep them coming back to your app again and again, and also how the CRM Team, Product Management and Performance Marketing can work together for massive growth AND retention.

Aitor Soto Abonjo
Aitor Soto Abonjo HelloFresh Global Mobile CRM Manager, HelloFresh
Anna Boguslavska
Anna Boguslavska Quandoo CRM Manager, Quandoo
Masato Higgs CRM Tech Lead, Delivery Hero
Jonathan Raveh
Jonathan Raveh Director of Growth & Partnerships, Neura
Shasha Tursunova
Shasha Tursunova Strategic Lead - EMEIA, AppLift
The Duopoly vs The Field
Facebook & Google vs Everyone Else - How to Best Spend Your UA Budget

One of the great debates in marketing is the love/hate relationship individual marketers have with The Duopoly of Google and Facebook. Our panel of expert Mobile App Marketers will discuss the positives and negatives of embracing the Duopoly and the challenges with spreading your Ad Spend across third party channels. Should you just embrace the power, targeting, and reach of The Big Two, or, if you have the Ad Budget, should you diversify your ad spend beyond specialty third party channels? Our experts have all the answers!

Christof Jaritz
Christof Jaritz Director Sales and Operations, EMEA, Branch
Carmen Marin Performance Marketing Manager, HomeToGo
Elena Poughia
Elena Poughia Managing Director, Dataconomy
Marvin Rottenberg
Marvin Rottenberg Vice President of Marketing, Ada Health
Luca Stefanutti
Luca Stefanutti User Acquisition Manager, Runtastic
Unpopular Practical Advice on the Fight Against Mobile Ad-Fraud

A rant on do's and don'ts, best practices and essential skills for the managers of UA teams and UA Managers. Cutting to the chase of how to stay on top of the fraud thread and not being a victim.

Andreas Naumann Adjust Fraud Specialist, Adjust
Automation Will Kill Your Job!
Adapt Now, Before Automation Drives You Out!

Automation changes the way we work, but still many of us questioning the need for adopting it, in the presentation we will go over the why should you do automation and how to overcome issues in the process including changes in structure and usage of big data. It's not enough to say you have big data, you need to learn to use it, or you will lose your job in the long term.

Lior Barak
Lior Barak App Growth Expert App Growth Expert, Data Experts & Hummus Lover
Are Your Acquisition Tactics Killing Your Retention?

Andy and Ed break down some of the common causes of poor retention, including lack of continuity between UA, Product and CRM messaging, failing to acquire relevant users and other retention killers. They'll also outline some golden rules for avoiding these pitfalls.

Ed Burrows
Ed Burrows Retention Lead, Phiture
Andy Carvell_2021_400
Andy Carvell Partner, Phiture
GDPR Experts Fireside Chat
What We Know; and What We Think We Know
Christina Bauer
Christina Bauer, LL.M. Lawyer, SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwälte
Ben Jeger
Ben Jeger AppsFlyer Managing Director - Central Europe, AppsFlyer
Closing Remarks
Mobile Apps Happy Hour!
Presented by AppLift & Taptica
How to Deal with Adwords UAC - Hands On
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About UAC, but Were Afraid to Ask

In this 60-minute workshop, we'll go through all the recent changes in Google advertising opportunities for your app and see together how to successfully set up Universal App Campaigns and how to manage them. Pros and cons will be analyzed and we will discuss all the tricks to get the best out of them!

Maria Brigida Deleonardis
Maria Brigida Deleonardis Lead User Acquisition, Free2Move
Running A/B Tests Like a PRO

During this workshop we will explore different A/B testing techniques (vanilla plain, multiple segment testing, optional stopping, multi-armed bandit) from a end-user perspective to try to give you all the necessary knowledge to plan and analyze successful A/B tests, whatever your job title is.

Luca Giacomel Data Scientist, Bending Spoons
What Does Fraud Look Like? A Data Scientist's Perspective

Everyone talks about it, but hardly anyone has seen it. In this 50-minute workshop, we will take a close look at what ad fraud looks like. We will focus on:

• The most common ways Data Scientists investigate possible fraud
• A walk-through examination of some of the most common fraud patterns
• Show some common tactics we see informed publishers use to push back vs ad networks

Matthaus Krzykowski
Matthaus Krzykowski Platform Director, Tenjin
Carole Wai Hai Head of Data Science, Tenjin
Hot Breakfast Buffet, Registration & Networking Hour
Welcome Address
What Your Parents Did Not Tell You About Localization

Does it make sense to translate a mobile app or game when so many people speak english? Couldn’t you just google translate everything? Why and how should you translate app store descriptions and screenshots? How to test and fix translation issues after the release? Isn’t it too much effort to translate every update? There are a lot of questions and uncertainties when it comes to translating apps or games and this talk will provide you with answers as well as tips and tricks to common localization issues.

Steffen Roemer
Steffen Roemer Co-Founder & CTO, Applanga
Keynote Presentation: What Games can learn from He-Man
A New and Necessary Approach to Game Development

How do we make games in the context of a hyper-saturated and maturing market? Good games are just not enough, we must aim for Great. But what is a Great game in the current context? Why so many game companies with a past success and excellent track record still fail to release a new Hit? Sophie Vo, Executive Producer at Rovio, will reveal an unconventional way to approach new games development and how to increase your odds of success in a hyper competitive context of the market.

Sophie Vo
Sophie Vo Rovio Executive Producer, Rovio
Mobile Ad Fraud: A High Stakes Arms Race

Fraud is polluting the mobile gaming app ecosystem at increasingly alarming rates. With defense mechanisms becoming more robust, so too are attacks as fraudsters rapidly adapt. The session will explore the latest threats and how they can be effectively blocked before inflicting damage. Unique gaming-specific fraud benchmarks for Germany will be shared.

Clara Copeland
Clara Copeland Director of Sales, DACH, AppsFlyer
ASO for Games
Detailed Analysis of the Latest ASO Strategies for Rising in the App Stores

Grace Temporal Sorabji from the ASO Co will present best practices and strategies for how Games can rise to the top of the App Stores. She’ll cover asset optimization, as well as strategies for boosting visibility and conversion within the gaming category.

Grace Temporal Sorabji
Grace Temporal Sorabji Strategy Director, The ASO Co
A New Way to Make In-Game Advertisement Based on Blockchain Technology

In-App Advertisement through Blockchain technology with a token model - how could that work? We will learn from VREO how they came up with the idea and we will also get some inside into the ICO phase of VREO.

Caglar Eger - Goodgame Studios
Caglar Eger Director App Store Relations/Partnerships, Goodgame Studios
Ali Pasha Foroughi
Ali Pasha Foroughi CTO, vreo
Instant Growth with Messenger Games
Understand the Opportunities Instant Games Provide for Game Publishers

Messenger Games are seeing massive growth, competitive eCPMs from ingame advertisement, and there is the promise of in-app purchases coming in the future. Additionally, Facebook Messenger’s massive user base, which reached over 1.3B monthly users in late 2017, provides great opportunities for further growth in Messenger Games. All in all, Messenger is becoming fast a viable platform. Yet, it reminds some people of the early “wild west” in canvas games while the marketplace is maturing very quickly.

Antti Hattara
Antti Hattara CEO & Co-Founder, Chatterbox Games
Alexander Krug CEO & Founder, SOFTGAMES
Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee Head of Business Development, DECA Games
Martin Zakovec
Martin Zakovec Project & Games Manager, GAMEE
Influencer Marketing Done Right
Ambrose Cooke
Ambrose Cooke Co-Founder & COO, Fanbytes
Jiri Kupiainen
Jiri Kupiainen Founder, CEO, Matchmade
Andre Kempe
André Kempe SolidarityApp Co-Founder & CMO,
Maren Lesche
Maren Lesche Storyteller and Startup Expert, Startup Colors
Getting Creative: Best Practices for Ad Creatives Production

Learn from the best gaming publishers how to set up your design team, creative process, feedback loop and localization to produce highly converting mobile ads without a hassle.

Juliane Besler
Juliane Besler Fluffy Fairy Marketing & ASO Manager, Fluffy Fairy Games
Raymond Cheung
Raymond Cheung Product Marketing Manager, Wargaming
Peter Fodor
Peter Fodor AppAgent Founder & CEO, AppAgent
Elena Tsarkova
Elena Tsarkova User Acquisition Manager, Wooga
User Acquisition for Games
Learn Which Growth Strategies Are Working Best for Games

In this session, our panel of Gaming UA experts will discuss which strategies are helping their app growth trajectory, which KPI's are Best to Track for Optimization of your Game, and many more!

Jason Conger
Jason Conger Senior User Acquisition Manager, Wooga
Felix Janzen
Felix Janzen Director Performance Marketing, InnoGames
Jason Wolofsky
Jason Wolofsky Senior Account Executive, Blind Ferret
The Mobile Marketing Showdown
Presented by Liftoff

Do you consider yourself a mobile marketing expert? Think you have what it takes to separate the real app from the imposters? Or distinguish the winning ads from the losers? Find out as marketers go head to head in this interactive gameshow! Everyone gets to play so bring your game face. And yes, there are prizes involved.

Dennis Mink
Dennis Mink VP Marketing, Liftoff
Machine Learning as a Growth Engine for Gaming

The app promotion landscape and the job of an app marketer have evolved drastically over the last ten years. This session will aim to give insights into Google's approach to gaming app promotion, as well as explaining why and how an app marketer's job is more important than ever. We will cover how apps can find the most valuable users thanks to Machine Learning and touch on best practices to help you take your gaming app to the next level.

Franziska Elsaesser
Franziska Elsaesser EMEA Cross-Google Partner Manager, Gaming, GOOGLE
A Few Minority Opinions in Mobile Gaming

Yesterday's pessimism is tomorrow positivity. Ever since being a PM at Admob's largest publisher in 2007 Matthaus has seen multiple waves in mobile. In this talk he will try to challenge some of the current popular views as the pendulum in our industry may swing again.

Matthaus Krzykowski
Matthaus Krzykowski Platform Director, Tenjin
Organic Growth Strategies
Learn How to Grow Your Game with Zero UA Costs

Learn what it takes to succeed without paid UA by growing your game organically! Bohemia Interactive's Tina Kharaishvili will share the key aspects of soft-launches, cross-promotion strategies, influencer-marketing, ASO and much more which helped Mini DAYZ become a big success expanding from Multi-Platform to Mobile.

Tina Kharaishvili
Tina Kharaishvili Marketing Manager, Bohemia Interactive
Louis Tanguay
Louis Tanguay Managing Director, App Growth Summit
Mobile Games Happy Hour!
Presented by AppsFlyer & Blind Ferret






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Andrej Kugonič

"Great speakers, great networking area and amazing organization! I would recommend it to everyone who want to learn something new, extend their professional network and have great time overall. "

Andrej Kugonič, Nordeus
Nicoline Strom-Jensen

"From start to finish I had a great experience being a speaker for AGS. The communication was just the right amount and the information shared in preparation was detailed and organized. The day of the event I felt prepared and supported. It was my first time speaking at a conference and I had a great deal of fun. It was an honor to participate and I would highly recommend speaking at AGS!"

Nicoline Strom-Jensen, Adjust