App Growth Summit London 2024

3 October 2024 9:00 BST • Protein Studios • 31 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EY
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Londons’ Calling! App Growth Summit is back for its 4th year in London, and we’re bringing you an experience that goes beyond the ordinary with a brand-new venue and cutting-edge content! This isn’t like any other industry event; it’s your passport to connect, learn, and re-fortify your strategy for 2024 and beyond with some of the biggest names in mobile!

Join 300+ app growth experts from all over the country at this can’t-miss event!

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14+ Sessions Unveiling The Latest 2024 Strategies

Immerse yourself in over 12 custom-curated sessions, dissecting everything you need to propel your 2024 strategy forward for global success. Hear from experts in never-before-seen session topics!


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See Highlights from App Growth Summit London 2023:

• Limited-Vendor, Best-In-Class Networking in London •

Connect with app growth professionals from major brands, apps, and games, not just from all corners of the world! You’ll have the opportunity to make authentic connections with the community, all in a non-sales-y environment.

Companies Attending Include:

App Growth Summit London 2024 Companies Attending

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Sessions to Be Finalized Soon...
ASO vs Paid Media: When to Focus on Each for App Growth

Decide when to prioritize ASO and when to invest in paid media for optimal app growth. This session will provide a comparative analysis of both strategies, helping you understand their strengths and determine the best approach for your app.

App Growth Case Study:
How Zing Coach Scaled from $50k to $2.5MM Monthly Revenue

Explore the incredible journey of Zing Coach as it scaled from $50k to $2.5MM in monthly revenue. This case study will provide valuable insights into the strategies, challenges, and key decisions that drove this impressive growth.

Engagement and Re-Engagement as Retention Magnets

Discover powerful techniques to keep your users engaged and coming back for more. This session will delve into the best practices for engagement and re-engagement, turning your app into a retention magnet that users can't resist.

Paid Media Channel Spend

Learn how to strategically allocate your paid media budget across various channels to maximize ROI. This session will provide insights into the best practices for managing and optimizing paid media spend to drive app growth.

Optimizing Creatives to Unlock Campaign ROAS

Uncover the secrets to crafting high-performing ad creatives that drive exceptional ROAS. This session will explore practical tips and proven techniques for optimizing your creatives, ensuring your campaigns deliver maximum returns.

How to Craft an Optimized User Journey for Long Term Retention

Design an optimized user journey that fosters long-term retention and user loyalty. This session will cover essential strategies and best practices for creating seamless, engaging experiences that keep users coming back.

Efficient Targeting and Measurement in the New Privacy Landscape

Navigate the challenges of targeting and measurement in the evolving privacy landscape. This session will offer insights into efficient targeting strategies and accurate measurement techniques that comply with new privacy regulations while driving app growth.

Mastering Data-Driven App Growth

Unlock the power of data to drive your app's growth. This session will cover advanced analytics and data-driven strategies to optimize user acquisition, engagement, and retention, ensuring your app's long-term success.

Scaling Success:
Proven Techniques and Strategies for Efficient Growth

Learn from industry experts about the proven techniques that scale apps to new heights. This session will provide practical guidance on leveraging various growth strategies, from creative optimization to efficient targeting, to achieve significant app growth.

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App Growth Summit Testimonials

Isabella Hawker

"One of the best conferences I have been to! Not only was it super informative, but it was also engaging and fun!"

Isabella Hawker, Penske Media Corporation
Jeff Grang

"AGS created an amazing format to ease and encourage great interactions between experts of the mobile industry. I am always learning new stuffs from the speakers but also from the the amazing people I get to meet there. The large variety of companies, jobs and people create an amazing mix where ideas shake-up and magic happens."

Jeff Grang, Purchasely