App Growth Summit NYC 2023

March 30, 2023 Midtown Loft & Terrace • Manhattan, NYC
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Kick your app growth into high gear and uncover the latest growth strategies at AGS New York City 2023! Learn expert insights on how to drive full-funnel growth, and keep users engaged for long-term retention!

Gain knowledge you can brag to your co-workers about, and enjoy a full day of custom-content in the heart of Manhattan!

Beats all-day Zoom calls, doesn’t it?

30+ Industry Expert Speakers
12 Custom-Curated Sessions
Network with Top Brands & Apps
All-day Co-Working Area
 Delicious Gourmet Food & Refreshments
Rooftop Happy Hour with Amazing Sky-High Views!

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Inae Lee
Inae Lee Capital One Growth Product Manager Capital One
Capital One
Siberia Su
Siberia Su MobilityWare Growth Leader MobilityWare
Benjamin Burgess
Benjamin Burgess Life360 Sr App Growth Manager Life360
Austin Cohen
Austin Cohen FlexIt Founder & CEO FlexIt
Pedro de Arteaga
Pedro de Arteaga COO & VP USA Winclap
Dharak Desai
Dharak Desai InMobi Director, Performance Sales & Strategy InMobi
Taya Franchville
Taya Franchville AppTweak App Growth Consultant AppTweak
Jon Guenther
Jon Guenther Smadex Sr. Director of Sales Smadex
Mahrukh Hoda
Mahrukh Hoda Jackpocket Senior Manager, User Acquisition Jackpocket
Todd Kane
Todd Kane Homer Learning VP of Growth BEGiN
Jeff Kongthong
Jeff Kongthong AppsFlyer Solutions Architect, Team Lead AppsFlyer
Wilson Kriegel
Wilson Kriegel Buildstock Co-Founder & COO Buildstock
Annica Lin
Annica Lin Sable Vice President of Growth Marketing Sable
Manuel Pacreau
Manuel Pacreau Addict Mobile Addict Mobile Deputy CEO
Addict Mobile
Dan Sterling
Dan Sterling Optimove Senior Director of Sales Optimove
Nicoline Strom-Jensen
Nicoline Strom-Jensen Adjust Sr. Program Manager Lead Adjust
Catherine Sun
Catherine Sun Capital One Senior Business Manager Capital One
Capital One
Kathryn Thiele
Kathryn Thiele Buildstock Founder & CEO Buildstock
Nicolas Tissie
Nicolas Tissier Purchasely CEO Purchasely
Ken Vermeille
Ken Vermeille CEO Vermillion Sky
Vermillion Sky
Frankie Vittorini
Frankie Vittorini uSTADIUM Co-Founder & CEO uSTADIUM
Louis Tanguay
Louis Tanguay Managing Director App Growth Summit
App Growth Summit


Companies Attending App Growth Summit NYC 2023 Include



Full-Funnel App Growth Strategies
Networking & Hot Breakfast!

The doors are open! Let the networking at App Growth Summit begin! All-day coffee & beverage services (courtesy of AppTweak), and a hot catered breakfast (courtesy of Bidease) will be waiting for you as we get ready to kick-off a full day of custom-curated content!

Opening Remarks!

Let's start off in style! App Growth Summits are the way events should be done: Custom-curated sessions, original content, limited vendors, and engaged networking, all combined with some fun and good times!

We'll introduce the unique format of this event, and get things started on the top floor loft with stunning views of the Midtown Manhattan all day long!

First Impressions Count: Designing a Mobile Onboarding Experience That Delivers

In this talk, Ken Vermeille, founder of Vermillion Sky, will discuss the critical importance of mobile onboarding in driving user engagement and retention. Drawing on his extensive experience in app development, Ken will explore the common pitfalls of onboarding and offer practical tips for creating an effective onboarding experience that delivers value to users from the get-go. He will share case studies and real-world examples, including the infamous Rover onboarding experience, and discuss how games use clever tactics to hook users and drive conversions. Attendees will come away with a deep understanding of what it takes to create an engaging onboarding experience that sets their app up for success, and inspires users to keep coming back.

Ken Vermeille
Ken Vermeille CEO, Vermillion Sky
CTV: The Hype is Real!

With 93% of U.S. internet users reachable via Connected TV, this emerging platform presents a highly effective (and one of the most innovative) channels for driving user acquisition and engagement, allowing app marketers the ability to reach targeted audiences in new and exciting ways. In this session, dive deep into the world of CTV advertising and explore how you can leverage this strong performance channel to drive successful app marketing campaigns, including insights on the latest trends and strategies, along with tips for measuring and optimizing your campaigns for maximum impact.

Nicoline Strom-Jensen
Nicoline Strom-Jensen Adjust Sr. Program Manager Lead, Adjust
ASO Unleashed:
Turbocharge Your App's Growth with Cutting-Edge App Store Growth Strategies

Join us for a journey into the world of App Store Optimization (ASO), Apple Search Ads (ASA), and Custom Product Pages (CPP). All three app store acronyms will be on full display in this discussion between Life360's Benjamin Burgess and AppTweak's Taya Franchville! Our app store experts will reveal innovative organic strategies, as well as the untapped potential of Custom Product Pages (CPP). Unearth the secrets behind captivating creative experiments, decipher the enigmatic differences between iOS and Android users, and learn the art of localization to create a global impact. Say goodbye to app store stagnation, and hello to explosive growth with these outstanding ASO techniques!

Benjamin Burgess
Benjamin Burgess Life360 Sr App Growth Manager, Life360
Taya Franchville
Taya Franchville AppTweak App Growth Consultant, AppTweak
7 Burning Questions About SKAN 4…ANSWERED!

Apple's recent release of SKAN 4.0 brings expanded options for measurement, but also added complexity for marketers to learn yet another new set of complex schemas and rules for iOS optimization. Join us for a summary of what these changes mean for you, and 7 key tips to make the most of SKAN 4.0.

Jeff Kongthong
Jeff Kongthong AppsFlyer Solutions Architect, Team Lead, AppsFlyer
Optimal Growth Strategy for the Privacy-First Future

In this session, growth experts Siberia Su (MobilityWare) and Dharak Desai (InMobi) will discuss how to design an optimal multi-channel growth strategy utilizing SKAN, On-Device Media, CTV, and Influencer Marketing best practices, amongst others, to drive maximum ROI juice from your User Acquisition squeeze. They’ll cover how strategies might differ from industry to industry, and what’s working cross-verticals. Hear these experts share their ideas on how to best utilize difference levers to build a strong holistic plan!

Siberia Su
Siberia Su MobilityWare Growth Leader, MobilityWare
Dharak Desai
Dharak Desai InMobi Director, Performance Sales & Strategy, InMobi
Cracking the Code:
How to Achieve Maximum ROI with UA Channels and Media Mix Modeling

Join us for an exclusive session on Media Mix Modeling that will help you navigate the complex world of UA channels and emerging platforms. Discover cutting-edge testing strategies, unearth new channel options, and explore the power of CTV and OTT advertising. Our expert speakers will also share invaluable insights on how to crack TikTok as an acquisition channel, and stay ahead of the game in a constantly-evolving mobile app ecosystem. Don't miss out on this expert-led session that will equip you with the skills, tools, and knowledge to drive explosive growth and revenue for your mobile app!

Mahrukh Hoda
Mahrukh Hoda Jackpocket Senior Manager, User Acquisition, Jackpocket
Manuel Pacreau
Manuel Pacreau Addict Mobile Addict Mobile, Deputy CEO
Jon Guenther
Jon Guenther Smadex Sr. Director of Sales, Smadex
Lunch Buffet & Networking
Fully-Catered Rooftop Terrace Lunch

Now that we've been talking strategies for increasing our app installs all morning, let's take a big break to "install" some food in our bellies at the half-way point of the day's content (courtesy of Blind Ferret)! We'll provide you with delicious, fully-catered lunch (dietary restrictions will be respected, please contact us for specific requirements) as our friendly team refills the coffee, so you can fuel up, do a little more networking, and get ready for the second half of the day, featuring more full-funnel strategies for long-term app growth!

App Growth Challenge
Win Prizes & Stuff!

Get ready to test your knowledge for the glory of public recognition...and prizes! Jump up on the stage for your chance to play and win...and have fun doing it!

Leveraging Customer Insights for Efficient User Onboarding

In this presentation, we will discuss the best strategies for leveraging customer insights to create an efficient user onboarding experience. We will look at how understanding your target market's needs and preferences can inform your product design and feature development decisions. Additionally, we'll cover tactics for increasing customer engagement with your onboarding process. By utilizing customer data and learning from their behavior, you can gain valuable insight that enables informed decision making about which features to prioritize during product development cycles. With the right approach, you can create an engaging onboarding procedure that makes customers feel welcome while driving maximum ROI in the long-term.

Inae Lee
Inae Lee Capital One Growth Product Manager, Capital One
Catherine Sun
Catherine Sun Capital One Senior Business Manager, Capital One
Clickable Ad Creatives:
Transform Your Mobile UA Campaigns with These Winning Strategies

Are your Mobile UA campaigns failing to generate the results you're after? Don't miss this game-changing session on Clickable Ad Creatives that will transform your mobile app campaigns for good. Our expert speakers will reveal proven strategies for crafting creatives that capture attention, engage users, and drive clicks. Discover how to generate winning creatives, use testing data to inform your creative optimizations, and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving mobile app landscape. Don't settle for mediocre results – join us and unlock the full potential of your mobile UA campaigns with these winning ad creative strategies!

Pedro de Arteaga
Pedro de Arteaga COO & VP USA, Winclap
In-App Paywall Optimization: Advanced Tactics and Examples

Growing an app is so much like filling up a leaky bucket. Apps are in a constant state of losing subscribers, which means that in order to keep the revenue flowing, they need to keep acquiring new users while also working to retain the ones they already have. This talk will shine a spotlight on the pain points shared by subscription apps and share some applicable tactics to optimize every stage of the subscription funnel with inspiring examples.

Nicolas Tissie
Nicolas Tissier Purchasely CEO, Purchasely
Start with The Customer and Win Loyalty for Life

Customer loyalty is the holy grail for retail brands. Marketers want to earn customers’ trust, develop long-term relationships, and keep them coming back time and time again. With customer data more accessible than ever before, marketers can precisely target them by offering personalized, relevant experiences. In this session, we will explore what it means to start with the customer by driving loyalty, taking steps to improve retention, and which tools we should be using to deliver memorable customer experiences that keep them returning.

Dan Sterling
Dan Sterling Optimove Senior Director of Sales, Optimove
Keeping it Going and Growing
Ask-Me-Anything Session with App Growth Experts

Now that we've gone through every major stage of App Growth throughout the day, we'll welcome a panel of App Growth Experts for an open Ask-Me-Anything Q&A format where the audience gets to pick the strategic brains of experts from both pre- and post-install successes. Here's your opportunity to ask questions, and learn, from the best of the best!

Annica Lin
Annica Lin Sable Vice President of Growth Marketing, Sable
Todd Kane
Todd Kane Homer Learning VP of Growth, BEGiN
How to Approach an Early Stage Funding Round: Advice, Tips & Tales from the Trenches

Finishing off the day is an original and exciting panel of Founders, sharing their tales from the trenches about their journeys on early stage funding rounds for new companies. We'll hear about critical challenges, successes, and learning moments which helped each founder along their way, and what you might be able to glean from their experiences and learnings.

Wilson Kriegel
Wilson Kriegel Buildstock Co-Founder & COO, Buildstock
Kathryn Thiele
Kathryn Thiele Buildstock Founder & CEO, Buildstock
Frankie Vittorini
Frankie Vittorini uSTADIUM Co-Founder & CEO, uSTADIUM
Austin Cohen
Austin Cohen FlexIt Founder & CEO, FlexIt
Rooftop Reception & Open Bar!

Immediately following App Growth Summit is our on-site Appy Hour: Open Bar Reception! Network for the final time today with your fellow attendees, have a libation or three on us, and cap off the event in style while exchanging contact information with those you enjoyed meeting throughout the day! Enjoy the stunning sunset views of Midtown Manhattan from our rooftop terrace as we network with live entertainment, and your fellow app growth experts in attendance!


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App Growth Summit Testimonials

Ludmilla Veloso

"App Growth Summit is a great event! One of the few that actually brings people from the market that is actually willing to share their inside knowledge! The experience was awesome and I really connected to a lot of the people participating!"

Ludmilla Veloso, Airbrush by Meitu
Nicolai Dotter

"I gained valuable insights that I applied to my growth and testing strategies!"

Nicolai Dotter, Skillz