App Growth Summit SF 2018

October 25, 2018 Mission Bay Conference Center • 1675 Owens St, San Francisco, CA 94158
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App Growth Summit San Francisco 2018 was a full day of packed content aimed at helping mobile app growth professionals generate growth plans for 2019.

80 Speakers in 40 Sessions Across 4 Distinct Room Set-Ups: 14 Presentations from Thought-Leaders, 12 Expert Discussion Panels, 8 Publisher-Led Roundtables, 6 In-Depth Workshops

A True VIP Experience: Hot Breakfast, Complimentary Beverages all day, Lunch Buffet, Unique Activations like LinkedIn profile optimization and a photographer taking new headshots for attendees, and of course our Open Bar Networking Happy Hour!

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App Growth Summit SF 2018 - Attendees

Featured Speakers

Nathan Dinh
Nathan Dinh Senior Growth Lead Uber
Gabriel Goldwasser
Gabriel Goldwasser Director of Performance Marketing WB Games
WB Games
Abhi Guglani
Abhi Guglani Product Lead - Consumer - Growth, Conversion VISA
Elisa Heiken
Elisa Heiken Lead UX Designer PlayStation
Matthew Horiuchi
Matthew Horiuchi Director of Acquisition Calm
Tien-Wei Huang
Tien-Wei Huang Director of Growth Marketing Twitch
Matt Knutson
Matt Knutson Paid Media Manager Twitter
Frost Li
Frost Li Head of Growth Wish
Adam Miller
Adam Miller Senior Manager, Mobile Marketing, Growth, & Analytics Turo
Daphne Nguyen Sr UA Manager Glu Mobile
Glu Mobile
Jayne Pimentel Peressini
Jayne Pimentel Peressini DraftKings Senior Director, Digital DraftKings
Hannah Russin
Hannah Russin Head of Growth Programs Lyft
Alessandra Sales VP of Marketing Smule
Sangita Sakar
Sangita Sarkar Jam City Glu Director of Product Marketing formerly Jam City & Glu Mobile
Jam City & Glu Mobile
Solene Schwartz
Solène Schwartz Mammoth Media Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer Mammoth Media
Mammoth Media
Ted Trezise
Ted Trezise Vertical Strategy Lead Facebook


Main Stage Experts' Corner Workshops Roundtables Personal Branding
Registration & Networking Breakfast
Hot Breakfast Buffet provided by!

Hot Breakfast Buffet provided by!

Event Kick-Off!
Mind Games: How to Leverage Consumer Psychology
Featured Presentation

What drives a user to click? What factors influence a purchasing decision? Data and user research can provide most of the answers, but they don't tell us the whole story. Learn how to leverage the research and principles of consumer Psychology and Behavioral Economics to gain a deeper level of insight into how your customers think, what motivates them and why they decide to buy. This session will blow your mind!

Dina Chaiffetz
Dina Chaiffetz Prolific Interactive Director of Product Strategy, Prolific Interactive
Data-Driven International Growth
Keynote Presentation

Wish is #1 shopping app in 40+ countries and shipping to users in 70 countries. To optimize user experiences internationally in many different cultures and user behavior patterns, we listen to data. Users behavioral data speak louder than their comments and from building a user behavior data model, we make users in all countries feel Wish is local to them. Come and learn how to expand globally with data.

Frost Li
Frost Li Head of Growth, Wish
Maximizing Growth with Granularity

The very best mobile marketers at companies like Lyft, Kabam, N3twork, and Yelp use granularity to maximize ROAS. Singular CEO Gadi Eliashiv tells you what it is, why it works, and how you can achieve granularity yourself.

Gadi Eliashiv
Gadi Eliashiv CEO & Co-Founder, Singular
More Than Pipes: Powering Growth with Programmatic

App marketers, if you think programmatic can't work for you to help you reach your goals -- it's time to think again. In this session, MoPub's Jacob Kreimer will examine how innovation in programmatic infrastructure are benefiting both buyers and sellers in the mobile ecosystem, and how you can take advantage of programmatic's scale to hit your KPIs.

Jacob Kreimer
Jacob Kreimer Manager, Strategic Partner Development, MoPub
Augmented Reality & Story Telling for Direct Response

Snapchat users behave in a variety of different ways when they use the app. They message their friends, consume premium content and play with augmented reality. Where does Direct Response advertising fit in?

Dave Egan
Dave Egan App Install Lead, Snapchat
Tracking the Evolution of Mobile Ad Fraud

The battle against fraud remains a cat and mouse game where millions of your ad dollars are at stake. In this session, we'll trace how the most prevalent fraud types have evolved over the past year and offer insights on how the most sophisticated fraudsters operate today – and how you can protect your marketing spend.

Brenda Chen
Brenda Chen Director of Solutions Architect, AppsFlyer
Coffee, Tea & Beverages provided by AppsFlyer!

Grab a Coffee, Tea, and Snacks provided by AppsFlyer!

Following the Journey of Your Users for Enhanced Interactions
Experts Discussion Panel

After this panel, you'll learn to accurately track your Users through various channels for optimized growth effects. Some industries require an omnichannel approach through offline, digital and mobile marketing channels to reach the right Users. You'll learn how to user offline channels to acquire app users at scale, and how best to track them throughout the process across multiple touch points.

Eric Futoran
Eric Futoran Embrace CEO, Embrace
Adam Miller
Adam Miller Senior Manager, Mobile Marketing, Growth, & Analytics, Turo
Lila Strominger
Lila Strominger Senior Product Manager, Branch
Jessica Szalay
Jessica Szalay Growth Marketing Manager, Wildflower Health
Data-Driven Creative Ads for Retargeting Success

Grow your app by re-engaging inactive users. In this session, we will discuss how to drive superior app marketing campaign performance with data segmentation and strategies. Learn more about the power of audience-driven retargeting campaigns, and rekindle the excitement of your users!

Joanna Escueta
Joanna Escueta Sr. Manager of Analytics, Aarki
Changing Your UA Channel: Broadening Your UA Horizons
Experts Discussion Panel

In these modern times of looking for the best Users across multiple channels who are most likely to retain and increase your App’s LTV’s, Targeting has become one of the most important aspects of any UA campaign. Targeting the right Users, from the right channels, will result in higher conversions and increased LTV’s. Through advanced segmenting, AB testing, and identification of the ideal channels to reach your best Users, our panel of experts will share their learnings from their targeting, re-targeting and multi-channel experiences to tell you what's worked best for them and what to avoid.

Andrew Birnbryer
Andrew Birnbryer Managing Director, Americas, Applift
Chang Chen
Chang ChenMileIQ Head of Paid Growth, MileIQ
Amrita Damani
Amrita Damani Senior Mobile Marketing Manager, Intuit
Misa Dinh
Misa Dinh Director, User Acquisition, Invoice2go
Noa Gutterman
Noa GuttermanHER Senior Growth Marketer, HER
Advertising Experts AMA Forum
Experts Discussion Panel

App publishers get the advice and insights about where to spend their advertising dollars, top strategies to improve ROAS, and best practices to succeed in the incredibly competitive mobile space. In this panel, three respected Acquisition Platforms advise on moving from the Facebook/Google duopoly into the UA Platform world. They will dive into what each of them do best, how they're battling fraud on their platform, what their audience make-up looks like, and what their individual publisher/advertiser benefits and acquisition and re-targeting strategies look like for Publishers interested in potentially partnering with them.

Rachael Alter
Rachael Alter Head of Business Development, Appreciate DSP
Aurelie Guerrieri
Aurelie Guerrieri Founder & CEO, Akila One
Nancy Roberts
Nancy Roberts Glispa General Manager, North America, Glispa
Michelle Vuksic
Michelle Vuksic Programmatic Strategy, Motive Interactive
Michele Webb
Michele Webb Headway VP of US Growth & Programmatic, Headway
Provided by Adperio!

Gourmet Lunch Buffet, provided by Adperio!

Buying Confidently in Today's Mobile Market: A Complete Guide with Some of the Biggest Brands in the Space
Experts Discussion Panel

Join us for a 30 minute moderated Q+A panel discussion that will showcase the best strategies and tactics used in purchasing media across search, social and ad networks. Sample topics include:
-How to allocate budget across search, social and network partners
-How to assess your overall media mix
-How to judge the value of supply chain
-Mobile fraud and vendor assessment
-Determining causation with data
-Ways to drive acquisition: data driven insights

Nathan Dinh
Nathan Dinh Senior Growth Lead, Uber
Matt Knutson
Matt Knutson Paid Media Manager, Twitter
Katie Hutcherson Madding VP Product, Adjust
Jayne Pimentel Peressini
Jayne Pimentel Peressini DraftKings Senior Director, Digital, DraftKings
Andrew Tan
Andrew Tan Co-Founder/CEO, FeedMob
The Brutal Truth About Push Notifications That No One Wants to Talk About

Gain new in-depth understanding and perspectives from around the world on the failings and future for push notifications - the only mobile app engagement method that matters. Take away immediately applicable best practices to improve user experience while driving engagement.

David Shackleton
David Shackleton CEO, OpenBack
Optimizing Your Growth Partnerships: Full Analysis of What Makes a Perfect UA Partner
Experts Discussion Panel

In this panel, our Growth Marketing experts will contribute their takes on what to look for in a UA Partner, what steps you can take to make sure your partners are hitting their marks, and some best practices around vetting partners and creating a long-term relationship based on trust, transparency and scalability.

Kim Carlson
Kim Carlson VP Sales, Aarki
Gabriel Goldwasser
Gabriel Goldwasser Director of Performance Marketing, WB Games
Tien-Wei Huang
Tien-Wei Huang Director of Growth Marketing, Twitch
Beth Murphy
Beth Murphy Global Head of Acquisition, Amazon Music
Hannah Russin
Hannah Russin Head of Growth Programs, Lyft
Success Stories: Optimized Social Media Marketing
Experts Discussion Panel

Social media marketing used to mean just running Facebook ads. But with Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit and other social networks launching new ad products, mobile marketers have more options than ever before. Listen to the experts talk about their successes (and failures) running paid ads on social channels. Get tips and tricks for what works (and doesn't work) and learn how to spend more budget on social to grow your mobile app!

Keri Buchanan
Keri Buchanan VP of Marketing, PSafe Technology
Holly Chen Head of Digital Marketing, Slack
Dasha Chypchai
Dasha Chypchai User Acquisition Manager, Pixelberry Studios
Colette Nataf
Colette Nataf CEO, Lightning AI
Boba Milk Tea provided by Singular!

Boba Milk Tea provided by Singular for a nice afternoon pick-you-up!

The Mobile Marketer's Showdown
Gameshow Presented by Liftoff

Do you consider yourself a mobile marketing expert? Think you have what it takes to separate the real app from the imposters? Or distinguish the winning ads from the losers? Find out as marketers go head to head in this interactive gameshow! Everyone gets to play so bring your game face. And yes, there are prizes involved.

Dennis Mink
Dennis Mink VP Marketing, Liftoff
The State of the Monetization Union: The Newest & Most Effective Monetization Strategies
Experts Discussion Panel

What monetization strategies are some of the biggest and more successful apps and brands using to increase their LTV’s and bottom line? Find out in this panel of high profile companies, each with a different core monetization model. Learn what might work for your app!

Debbi Dougherty
Debbi Dougherty Head of B2B Marketing, Viber
Abhi Guglani
Abhi Guglani Product Lead - Consumer - Growth, Conversion, VISA
Gonzalo Juarez
Gonzalo Juarez CEO, eTips
Joshua Lu Sr. Director, Product Management, Zynga
Going Global: How to Maximize Your International UA Efforts
Experts Discussion Panel

Seeing success in your home market is your first step to a sustainable app business. However, to truly realize success at scale you’re going to need the right strategy when it’s time to go global. International User Acquisition efforts are challenging and require the right targeting and creatives to create the most efficient and effective UA campaigns for your app or game. This high-powered panel of international UA experts will help get you started on your path to success with some key learnings and actionable take-aways to maximize your global efforts!

Josh Burns
Josh Burns Founder, DigitalDevConnect
Amit Dar
Amit Dar General Manager, Americas, Taptica
Matthew Horiuchi
Matthew Horiuchi Director of Acquisition, Calm
Andy Park
Andy Park Director of Marketing - User Acquisition, Kabam
David Yi
David Yi Director of User Acquisition, AnchorFree
Engagement as the Lifeline for Your App Business: Learn How an Active and Engaged User Base is the Key to Long-Term Retention
Experts Discussion Panel

An actively engaged User base is one of the biggest keys to increased LTVs and Retention. Engaging at the right times, when Users are most likely to perform a desired or key action or at a “golden moment” when the are most likely to convert perfect a monetized action is also key to build an environment where your Users feel at home and keep coming back time and time again.

Dean Cohn
Dean Cohn Partner, Head of Strategy, TMGA
Kara Dake VP of Growth and Partnerships, CleverTap
Alessandra Sales VP of Marketing, Smule
Brian Schmidt
Brian Schmidt Director of CRM, Growth & Retention, Fender Musical Instruments
Arthur Castro
Arthur Castro yellow Product Lead, Yellow
Open Bar Networking Happy Hour!
On The AppsFlyer Patio! Sponsored by APPLIFT, MPIRE, SCALARR & APPSFLYER!

After a full day of sessions, breakouts, and learning, join us on the AppsFlyer patio for an Open Bar Happy Hour filled with great networking and sharing what you discovered from the day's content!

Sponsored by AppLift, ironSource, Mpire, Scalarr and AppsFlyer!

Experts' Corner Sessions are limited in space. Please arrive early.
Buying TV for Performance: 10 Golden Rules

After 6 TV campaigns in Japan, including 3 failed ones, and our 1st ever TV campaign in the US, the SmartNews marketing team has learned a lot through failures, multi-variate testing and good old post-mortem about what to do ... and what not to do. We have created our 10 Golden Rules for Buying TV for Performance. In this presentation, you will learn these rules, illustrated with examples, to help your TV performance campaigns succeed by driving a high volume of installs with a positive ROAS.

Fabien- Pierre Nicolas
Fabien-Pierre Nicolas SmartNews Vice President, Marketing (US), SmartNews
Which KPI's to Use to Predict Profitability of Marketing Spend

This session is for marketers who want to scale up their UA spend, while also ensuring confidence that their investment will yield profitable growth. Discover several data points useful for predicting marketing profitability across three crucial stages of the marketing campaign lifecycle: leading indicators, early benchmarks, and confidence predictors.

Gabe Kwakyi
Gabe Kwakyi Incipia Co-Founder & CEO, Incipia
Driving Growth by Leveraging Licensed IPs

For over a decade FTX Games has worked with Hollywood entertainment properties including The Hunger Games, Mission: Impossible, and Narcos, to create compelling mobile game experiences for fans. To skyrocket a game app from bomb to blockbuster is not simply a matter of acquiring a license though. A deep understanding of the material, and careful and strategic implementation of that material, is also key. In this talk Casey will share FTX Games’ insight into how other app developers can effectively drive growth through IP.

Casey Dickinson
Casey Dickinson CEO, FTX Games
How Community Can Power Growth

It's easy forget what users really are: they're people who are engaged with your product or service. People are innately driven to create community; gathering around shared interests and goals is part of human nature. The best brands understand that communities - online and offline - can increase stickiness, word-of-mouth, and brand awareness, supercharging customer-to-customer marketing. In this talk, we'll cover some of the common types of communities and how they power growth, different ways to measure ROI, plus how (and when!) to get started.

Elizabeth Kinsey
Elizabeth Kinsey Development Marketing Manager, Slack
Using Next-Level Market Research Strategies to Dominate the Competition

Want to come up with a million dollar app idea? Want to crush the competition with next-level strategies? This in-depth session will save you a ton of time and money by showing you a simple process, so you understand your competitive landscape and know what's trending in the app business. Plus, you will discover monetization tactics that million dollar apps are using increase revenue and retain their users!

Steve P. Young
Steve P. Young App Masters Founder & CEO, App Masters
Method Marketing: Learn How to Grow Your Audience by Speaking Their Language & Taking Risks

Sangita Sarkar, Director of Product Marketing and also known as the "Method Marketer", formerly of Jam City and Glu Mobile will share the tips and tricks behind driving successful positioning strategy across user acquisition, strategic partnerships, community, social media, PR and business intelligence in some of the most successful mobile games including Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, and Restaurant DASH: Gordon Ramsay. You will learn how messaging and positioning fit into your overarching PR and marketing strategies through the right distribution channel, tips for pushing your messages and content on emerging platforms and why you should embrace them, and new ideas for mobile-first content and new approaches to social media marketing.

Sangita Sakar
Sangita Sarkar Jam City Glu Director of Product Marketing, formerly Jam City & Glu Mobile
Provided by Adperio!

Enjoy our gourmet Lunch Buffet, provided by Adperio!

Rise of the Creatives! - Creative Optimizations in an Ever-Increasingly Automated World
Experts Discussion Panel

In An Ever-Increasingly Programmatic World, Creatives are the Final Frontier of Marketer-Controlled Optimizations. We'll dive into which creatives each of our experts use and their corresponding recommendations for the best UA results. We'll talk about what their mix of creatives looks like these days compared to last year or earlier, how they test their creatives before scaling up campaigns and how to spy on and analyze competitive creatives.

Sylvain Gauchet
Sylvain Gauchet Co-Founder, Apptamin
Melissa Lertsmitivanta
Melissa Lertsmitivanta Realtor Director of Marketing,
Daphne Nguyen Sr UA Manager, Glu Mobile
Ted Trezise
Ted Trezise Vertical Strategy Lead, Facebook
Onboarding Optimization: Strengthen the Most Important Link Between Acquisition & Retention
Experts Discussion Panel

After all the successful UA targeting and getting a new User to download your app, and before the monetization, engagement and retention begin, there's a critical often-overlooked "missing link." Onboarding and Activation. This critical stage is where your User has their all-important first impression with your product's UX/UI and Onboarding Process. Our panel will explore how an intuitive UI can help make the transition seamless and intuitive, how to blend the onboarding experience between web and apps, and some strategies for AB testing your onboarding funnel to optimize the onboarding content and experience.

Marcos Ciarrocchi
Marcos Ciarrocchi Head of Growth, Yummly
Elisa Heiken
Elisa Heiken Lead UX Designer, PlayStation
Solene Schwartz
Solène Schwartz Mammoth Media Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Mammoth Media
Ethan Smith Growth Advisor, Masterclass
True KPI's vs Vanity Metrics: Reading The True Story in the Numbers
Experts Discussion Panel

Learn how to read the tea leaves of your analytics and performance metrics. Which metrics should you be tracking? Discover what's most important, and knowing what's not. Learn how to do analysis on the numbers you really should be looking at to accurately measure success in today's mobile app growth world.

John Egan Head of Growth Traffic Engineering, Pinterest
Ian Hill
Ian Hill Marketing Manager, Programmatic & Mobile, Instacart
Kasia Mikoluk
Kasia Mikoluk GM, Growth, Varo
Ashley Nader
Ashley Nader iovox Product Manager , iovox
Workshop seats are limited. Please arrive early.
Setting up a Solid ASO Testing Process with the CRO Framework

In this workshop Moritz Daan, the author of the Advanced ASO Book and founder of Mobile Growth Consultancy Phiture, and Stuart Miller, Design Lead at Phiture, unpack the CRO framework they use. With this CRO framework in hand, Moritz will unpack how you can set up an optimized process for conducting research, hypothesizing and creating and testing assets for the app stores.

Mortiz Daan
Moritz Daan Author & ASO Expert, Advanced ASO Book
Stuart Miller
Stuart Miller Design Lead, Phiture
Bullseye! Hitting the Moving Targets of Publicity, PR and Community Engagement

Getting your app or game covered & discovered is tough, especially in a market landscape dominated by franchises, the Top 10 lists, or big budget AAA games. This workshop will cover strategies for getting Publicity for your mobile product and growing your Community organically. Elizabeth Olson will provide tips for messaging/positioning, community building, and PR/influencer outreach done right (and wrong!).

Elizabeth Olson
Elizabeth Olson Consultant, Publicity & Public Relations
30 Actionable Insights For User Acquisition & Creative Strategies For Facebook & Google Advertising

In this session, we reveal 30 actionable insights to drive profitable social advertising for Facebook and Google UAC user acquisition and creative strategies. We will share secrets, advanced tips, tricks and techniques designed to immediately improve your social advertising performance. How important are Facebook best practices to success? Creative is king but how many ads do you need for profitable social advertising? How can you create endless custom audiences? Are 3rd party bidding tools necessary? What are best practices for agencies competitions? What are top challenges to creative outsourcing? And many, many more questions will be answered.

Brian Bowman
Brian Bowman CEO, Consumer Acquisition
Provided by Adperio!

Enjoy our gourmet Lunch Buffet, provided by Adperio!

Creative Strategy in the Age of Automation
Learn the Top Strategies for UAC Set-Ups and Creative Strategies to Win Big with Google UAC

Google's Universal App campaigns use ad assets such as text, videos and images to build ads and match them with users who can meet your campaign’s goal. You can guide your campaign’s performance with the ad assets you provide. In this session, we’ll introduce a framework to analyze and optimize your ad assets. We'll also walk you through an example of how one advertiser approaches their asset design.

Antony Ho
Antony Ho Product Marketing Manager, Google
Sam Worek
Sam Worek Instructional Designer, Google
Launching Your Product: From Idea To MVP

How do you start building the first version of your product? In this session, we will discuss how you can develop and launch a strong MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that helps you to minimize risks and guides your product management as you scale. We will examine tactics that help you to define your first product, prioritize features, and get you the most critical learnings that set your product up for future growth. Furthermore, we will discuss challenges that you might encounter in this journey and common mistakes that you can avoid.

Toby Vogels
Toby Vogels Sr Product Manager, Yahoo! Entertainment
The Portfolio Effect: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Churn

Turnover is inevitable. Why not make it work for you? Forward-thinking publishers are using the full array of modern in-app advertising solutions to hack the traditional app marketing paradigm and extract value from naturally occurring churn in their mobile app portfolios. By learning to embrace today's rapid-fire mobile content cycle, publishers of all verticals can reallocate resources towards high-yield initiatives and stop spinning their wheels against incontrovertible market forces.

Henry Oh
Henry Oh VP of Operations & Partnerships, Tenjin

Each Publisher-led Roundtable Session featured 2 tables, one subject each. Details below!

Roundtable Session 1: Beyond the Duopoly | Retention & Re-Engagement

Roundtable 1: Scaling Beyond Google & Facebook
Learn from marketers who have successfully diversified their UA channels to scale beyond Google and Facebook.

Roundtable 2: Growth Thru Retention & Re-Engagement
From ad retargeting to leveraging marketing automation tools, learn effective re-engagement strategies to keep users engaged and converting in your app.

Chris Chee
Chris Chee Senior Manager - Performance Marketing, Apartment List
Roundtable Session 2: Mobile Fraud | eCommerce Apps

Roundtable 1: Combating Mobile Fraud
With ad fraud an ongoing challenge, there are strategies to limit it's impact on your ad budget. This discussion will dig into the tactics that marketers are employing to keep the fraudsters at bay and your budget safe.

Roundtable 2: eCommerce Apps Best Practices for Success
The shopping holidays are just around the corner and with it, increased consumer spending. Learn how ecommerce marketers are preparing for the mobile holiday rush.

Chris Chee
Chris Chee Senior Manager - Performance Marketing, Apartment List
Provided by Adperio!

Enjoy our gourmet Lunch Buffet, provided by Adperio!

Roundtable Session 3: Apple Search Ads | Subscription Apps

Roundtable 1: Scaling with Apple Search Ads
Many marketers count Apple Search Ads an essential channel to scaling their growth. Learn what works, what doesn't, and what you can do to improve your own search ads.

Roundtable 2: Marketing Subscription Apps
Marketing a subscription app? Connect with other marketers of subscription apps and learn strategies to drive for trials and paid subscriptions.

Thomas Hopkins
Thomas Hopkins Lyft Growth Marketing Passenger Acquisition Strategy, formerly Lyft
Lomit Patel
Lomit Patel Together Labs Senior Vice President, Growth, Together Labs (IMVU)
Roundtable Session 4: UA Lessions | Ad Creatives

Roundtable 1: Lessons from the UA Trenches
Paid acquisition is essential to driving new user acquisition. Join this discussion on all things UA including top perfomring UA channels, optimization approaches, incrementality testing, working with partners and more.

Roundtable 2: Unlocking Mobile Ad Creative
Optimizing your ad creative is the #1 thing you can do to improve your app marketing campaigns. See what other marketers are doing with ad creative that works.

Lomit Patel
Lomit Patel Together Labs Senior Vice President, Growth, Together Labs (IMVU)
Thomas Hopkins
Thomas Hopkins Lyft Growth Marketing Passenger Acquisition Strategy, formerly Lyft
11am - 3:30pm
Presented by Liftoff

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"What a game changer for my start-up! This was exactly what we needed! I am so excited to also attend the Los Angeles event, because App Growth Summit SF was really well done!"

Sean Rones, LifeCouple
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"App Growth Summit was a fantastic event with a focused agenda and great networking opportunities. The smaller nature made it feel much more personal and really delivered value for the day."

Iain Russell, Moneyhub