App Growth Summit SF 2024

September 12, 2024 9:00 AM PST • Terra Gallery • San Francisco, CA
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App Growth Summit San Francisco 2024 is back for its 10th event in the bay, and this isn’t just another industry event—you’ll get to experience AGS SF like never before with a brand-new and unique event format that maximizes your learning, connections, and of course…fun! The ultimate place to connect, learn, and elevate your strategy for 2024 with experts from all over the country is just a tap (or click) away!

Join the 300+ Experts like yourself at this can’t-miss event in beautiful SF!

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24+ Sessions Across Multiple Content Rooms 

Immerse yourself in custom-curated sessions breaking down everything you need to push your 2024 strategy forward! This SF event will have a totally unique format; plus, immersive elements that allow you to dive deeper into topics YOU want to learn about!


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See Highlights from App Growth Summit SF 2023:

• Limited-Vendor, Best-In-Class Networking in SF •

Connect with app growth professionals from major brands, apps, and games from all over the country! You’ll have a chance to make genuine connections in a non-salsey environment with some of the biggest names in mobile!

Previous Companies That Have Attended Included:

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Sessions to Be Finalized Soon...
Growth Engine: How to Use Unconventional Methods to Grow Your App

Unlock the secrets to exponential app growth with innovative and unconventional strategies. This session will reveal surprising tactics that go beyond traditional methods, showcasing real-world examples of how these unique approaches have driven success.

Ad Creative Optimization

Discover the art and science behind creating impactful ad creatives that capture attention and drive conversions. Learn practical tips and cutting-edge techniques to optimize your ad visuals and messages, ensuring your campaigns achieve maximum ROI.

Efficient Marketing Strategies for Growth

Explore proven marketing strategies that deliver exceptional growth without breaking the bank. This session will provide actionable insights on how to streamline your marketing efforts, maximize efficiency, and achieve remarkable results.

UA Channels & How to Mold Your Media Mix

Master the art of user acquisition by understanding how to effectively mold your media mix. Learn from industry experts about the best channels to focus on and how to balance your investments for optimal performance and growth.

ASO Case Study:
How Sol App Ranks #1 in Several Keyword Categories

Gain insider knowledge from a compelling case study on how Sol App achieved top rankings in multiple keyword categories. This session will uncover the ASO strategies and tactics that propelled Sol App to the forefront of app store search results.

Shaping Android’s Privacy Sandbox

Navigate the evolving landscape of Android's Privacy Sandbox with expert insights and practical guidance. This session will discuss the implications of privacy changes, how to adapt your strategies, and what it means for the future of app marketing and user acquisition.

Retention as the Ultimate App Growth Strategy

Discover why retention is the cornerstone of sustainable app growth. This session will dive into effective retention strategies that keep users engaged, drive long-term loyalty, and ultimately fuel your app's success.

How to Use AI to Measure Up-Funnel Metrics for Creatives

Learn how to harness the power of AI to measure and optimize up-funnel metrics for your ad creatives. This session will explore innovative AI tools and techniques that provide deep insights into creative performance, enabling you to fine-tune your campaigns for greater impact.

How to Leverage SKAN 4+ to Unlock App Growth

Unlock the full potential of SKAN 4+ for accelerating app growth. This session will reveal advanced strategies and techniques to harness Apple's latest attribution framework, enabling you to drive higher performance and gain deeper insights into your marketing efforts.

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App Growth Summit Testimonials

Tamy Ribeiro

"It is fascinating to look around, listen from experts and feel that you still have so much to learn. The AGS gets together real marketing growth geniuses and it is impossible to leave the event without learning something valuable and new."

Tamy Ribeiro, Wunder Mobility
Jillian Lee Stout

"AGS is a fantastic place to not only meet other people in the industry, but also gain insights on the market, up-and-coming trends, and also learn about tools and services to solve business challenges. I really enjoy getting to know other founders and vendors as well. It's great to make those personal connections beyond a Zoom call or LinkedIn connect. The food was also amazing! Who doesn't love that!"

Jillian Lee Stout, Mindful Mamas