Mobile Marketing APAC 2018

22 November 2018 Impelus Limited • Level 23, 100 William Street, East Sydney, NSW 2011 Australia
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Mobile Marketing APAC 2018 finished our year of events with a full day of content aimed at helping both App Marketers and Digital Marketers better understand how to leverage Mobile as an effective growth channel for all businesses.

Perfect for Australian and New Zealand brands, apps and tech companies, our mix of sessions helped all 138 attendees learn to leverage mobile growth channels such as ad networks, social media channels, and mobile web.

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Companies Attending Include:

Mobile Marketing APAC 2018 - Sydney, Australia


Daniel Rowlands
Daniel Rowlands Publisher Partner Facebook
Rachel Beeton
Rachel Beeton Marketing Director Audible
Richard Hall
Richard Hall Mobile Solutions Consultant GOOGLE
Elissa Hudson
Elissa Hudson Senior Marketing Manager HubSpot
Kate Newcombe
Kate Newcombe Senior Sales Executive Snapchat
David Burke
David Burke General Manager - APAC impelus
Anna Cheng AP Growth Spaceship AU
Spaceship AU
Amber Gouzy
Amber Gouzy Activation Manager & Digital Strategy Consultant Sonder Australia
Sonder Australia
Sylvie Hall
Sylvie Hall Head of Marketing Communications Squirrel Limited
Squirrel Limited
Joon Gyung Josh Jang
Joon Gyung (Josh) Jang Regional Director - Korea and Southeast Asia Adjust
Anna Ji Director of Growth Clipchamp
Irene Ongkowldjaja
Irene Ongkowidjaja Senior Product Manager Atlassian
Nicolette Pinto
Nicolette Pinto AU Account Director M&C Saatchi Performance
M&C Saatchi Performance
Renee Psomadelis Growth Marketer Canva
Neil Ranatunga
Neil Ranatunga Strategic Partnerships Director Partnerize
Nick Roberts
Nick Roberts Head of Growth DiviPay
Ankit Sheth Performance Marketing Manager whiteGREY
Lin Zhao
Lin Zhao Founder Appnile

Content & Topics

November 22, 2018

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Welcome Address
Falling in Love with Robots
Audible’s Romance of the Year – Swiping Right on AI

Whether we want to admit it or not most mobile marketers approach AI and machine learning with some trepidation. We question if these algorithms serve the purpose of the advertiser or the publisher. It is likely that we have all (at some point) tried to game the system… and lost. I am here to tell you a story about Audible’s romance with robots; how we played hard to get, what went wrong and how this led us to love…. and of course epic business outcomes.

Rachel Beeton
Rachel Beeton Marketing Director, Audible
Monetise Sustainably with Facebook Audience Network

The industry mobile app industry has undergone a tremendous amount of change over the past decade requiring app developers and publishers to rethink old business models and adapt in order to accommodate current trends. This shift impacts everything from content creation to the ways in which you distribute and monetise content. In this session, Daniel Rowlands will talk about the monetisation offering from Facebook Audience Network that is built for publishers to better monetise their inventory through targeted, high-quality ad experiences across devices and grow long-term sustainable businesses.

Daniel Rowlands
Daniel Rowlands Publisher Partner, Facebook
How to Get to 5 Million Users with $0 Budget

A guide on how you can systematically accelerate the growth of your product by building a well oiled growth machine. This pragmatic talk will take you through the four most important steps to reliable and predictable growth.

Anna Ji Director of Growth, Clipchamp
The New Bar For Web Experiences

What we have been calling “Progressive Web Apps” for the past couple of years is really just the new bar for web experiences. The modern web enables fast, integrated, reliable experiences that engage users. In this talk, we will lay out the principles behind the new bar for web experiences, demonstrate the successes that partners have proven, and start you on your path of modern experiences, delivered via the web.

Richard Hall
Richard Hall Mobile Solutions Consultant, GOOGLE
How to Increase User Retention: Balancing the Quant and the Qual

In this presentation Nick discusses how he uses a blend of quantitative and qualitative analysis and research to increase retention rates at DiviPay. He shares key learnings about how to identify what differentiates a high engaged user from the core and how to optimise the product experience around this.

Nick Roberts
Nick Roberts Head of Growth, DiviPay
How to Be More Customer Obsessed

Word of mouth is always the most powerful channel of acquisition, if you nail it, it runs its own viral loop. In mobile world, app/play store star rating & review is the way word of mouth travels. Big marketing dollars will lose its worth if potential customers land on a low star rating app store page. In this talk, I’ll share tips on how you can make speaking to customers more scalable, and how we have enabled the whole team (that’s right, engineers too!) to be more customer obsessed, resulting in more passionate team and happier customers (who give good star ratings!).

Irene Ongkowldjaja
Irene Ongkowidjaja Senior Product Manager, Atlassian
The "F" in Digital Advertising

As marketers we have one goal – to find and influence potential consumers of the brands we represent and thereby sustainably contribute to a positive ROI. Digital advertising if used correctly, can be one of the most cost effective methods to begin a customer relationship, and yet over 50% of all digital advertising budgets in Australia will find its way straight into the pocket of a fraudster. The methodologies of fraud are varied but the good news is that as technologies evolve so do the opportunities for fraud detection and prevention. What can you do to find the ad fraud before it finds you? We found a solution that works for us.

Nicolette Pinto
Nicolette Pinto AU Account Director, M&C Saatchi Performance
Tea & Coffee Networking Break
The Rise of Mobile!
A Fireside Chat on How to Get the Most Out of Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Reaching people when, where and how they consume information has always been a cornerstone of an effective marketing strategy. And as an ever-growing number of us rely almost exclusively on smartphones and tablets for this information, mobile is becoming an increasingly important marketing channel for many businesses. This fireside chat will cover the most effective techniques you can implement in your mobile marketing strategy, as well as the pitfalls you should avoid along the way.

Amber Gouzy
Amber Gouzy Activation Manager & Digital Strategy Consultant, Sonder Australia
Sylvie Hall
Sylvie Hall Head of Marketing Communications, Squirrel Limited
Elissa Hudson
Elissa Hudson Senior Marketing Manager, HubSpot
Roundtable Discussions

A series of Roundtable Discussions will begin in one of our breakout rooms. Space is limited, so it'll be first-come-first-seated during this series of marketer-to-marketer discussions led by Partnerize.

Mobile App Performance Marketing Landscape

Join us for this unique panel which will cover three of the major aspects of Mobile App Performance! We’ll discuss how acquiring new users can be a snap on one of the most cost-efficient platforms has a very high engagement and retention rate, as well as how to properly attribute UA clicks and fight common fraud practices, and finally learn from a successful app on how they took off up the charts to reach the stratosphere of success without spending an astronomical budget.

Kate Newcombe
Kate Newcombe Senior Sales Executive, Snapchat
Anna Cheng AP Growth, Spaceship AU
Joon Gyung Josh Jang
Joon Gyung (Josh) Jang Regional Director - Korea and Southeast Asia, Adjust
David Burke
David Burke General Manager - APAC, impelus
Digital Growth Strategies For Mobile Apps & Digital Marketers Alike

Whether your product lives as an app, a game, a website, or a multi-channel ecosystem, you'll need to know how to grow! This session will go over the most effective core Growth Marketing Strategies, Growth Hacks, and more for businesses of different sizes and make-ups.

Renee Psomadelis Growth Marketer, Canva
Neil Ranatunga
Neil Ranatunga Strategic Partnerships Director, Partnerize
Ankit Sheth Performance Marketing Manager, whiteGREY
Lin Zhao
Lin Zhao Founder, Appnile
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What They're Saying

Alexa Sundberg - Gunderson Direct

"Great energy in the SF APP Growth Summit - there was literally a roar of the exchange of ideas and strategies - a lot of lively conversation. Everyone with the goal of testing, exchanging ideas and growing. Also, thank you for the diversity in speakers."

Alexa Sundberg, Gunderson Direct
Jonathan Raveh

"AGS was an extremely positive experience. Content-wise, AGS Berlin enriched me with some of the best insights I heard in 2018. On the business level, it enabled me to meet the right people to explore doing business with, without too many vendors in the way. An overall great event!"

Jonathan Raveh, Neura