Mobile Marketing APAC 2018

November 22, 2018 Sydney • Australia

Mobile Marketing APAC 2018 finishes our year of events with a full day of content aimed at helping both App Marketers and Digital Marketers better understand how to leverage Mobile as an effective growth channel for all businesses.

Perfect for Australian and New Zealand brands, apps and tech companies, our mix of sessions will help every attendee learn to leverage mobile growth channels such as ad networks, social media channels, and mobile web.

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Companies Attending Include:

Mobile Marketing APAC 2018 - Companies Attending


Tom Alfoldi
Tom Alfoldi Growth Hacker Appster
David Burke
David Burke Founder Strategic Field
Strategic Field
Anna Cheng AP Growth Spaceship AU
Spaceship AU
Anna Ji Director of Growth Clipchamp
Renee Psomadelis Growth Marketer Canva
Heather Reed
Heather Reed Head of Growth Splend
Nick Roberts
Nick Roberts Head of Growth DiviPay
Giselle Rosman
Giselle Rosman Business Administrator Hipster Whale
Hipster Whale
Ankit Sheth Performance Marketing Manager whiteGREY
Lisarna Wynyard
Lisarna Wynyard Founder & CEO BullRush

Content & Topics

November 8, 2018
Which Channels Perform Best for Mobile Acquisition

Mobile is not the "new thing," it's now everything. Mobile has long surpassed desktop and other media sources for powerful User Acquisition benefits, but many digital marketers as well as app marketers are not optimally leveraging Mobile channels to bring in the best users. This session will help you change that, and bring in better users from mobile channels.

Keeping Users Engaged and Retained

Acquiring Users via Mobile Channels is only the first step. Now, how do you keep them engaged? This session will discuss User Engagement Strategies and create a stickier environment.

Best Monetization Strategies

You've acquired the best new Users, and have an active and engaged User base, now this session will help you learn how you optimize your Monetization strategies and maximize profits!

Digital Growth Strategies
For Mobile Apps & Digital Marketers Alike

Whether your product lives as an app, a game, a website, or a multi-channel ecosystem, you'll need to know how to grow! This session will go over the most effective core Growth Marketing Strategies, Growth Hacks, and more for businesses of different sizes and make-ups.

Extending LifeTime Value for Your Product
LTV Modeling

Another multi-faceted session, this will be one of the best sessions you will ever take to figure out the true health of your product and/or business. Far too many businesses don't know the LTV (LifeTime Value) for their customers, and yet they keep spending acquisition dollars without understand how much is a good vs bad Cost Per Acquisition for their product. This session will help you understand what a User is truly worth to your business.

Combating Fraud in Mobile UA

Fraud. It's that dirty F-Word that we have to talk about, because it exists...and it sucks up your marketing budget. If you're buying ads on any digital network, large or small, there's going to be some degree of fraud. How can you learn to identify and diagnose the patterns which might indicate a fraud problem? This session will help you start to understand how to mitigate fraud as much as possible and optimize your acquisition efforts, and extend the LTV of your product and/or business.

...Much More to Come!

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We have a limited supply of tickets, so be sure to purchase yours today! Mobile Marketing APAC is the most unique and modern event to reach the Southern Pacific, as we'll be bringing together mobile marketing experts to help all marketers learn to leverage the power of modern marketing strategies and best practices!

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