15 December 2021 10:00am SG/CHINA — 1:00pm AEDT • AGS Virtual Event Platform
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Entering our 4th year in business, also means our 4th year in APAC! AGS APAC 2021 will take place (virtually) on 15 December 2021! App Growth Expert presenters and panelists from all around the greater APAC region will share secrets from their mobile app growth strategies during in-depth sessions. Since we won’t be able to return in-person to Singapore until 2022, we wanted to make sure we still gave our App Growth Experts across the APAC region their opportunity to shine and educate on what they’re working on and what they’ve learned!

15 Hand-Picked Expert Speakers
Invite-Only Attendance
7 Insightful Sessions

Our invite-only crowd of experts will be treated to innovative content designed to help them acquire more high-quality users, retain users for longer periods of time, and some fresh and new ideas to help accelerate their growth strategies throughout 2021 and beyond!

This invite-only, limited-vendor event is designed to showcase the great mobile app experts located in the APAC region! Sign up early!

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Companies Attending Include:



Devin Nambiar
Devin Nambiar Electronic Arts Head of Asia Product & Partnered Development Electronic Arts (EA)
Electronic Arts (EA)
Said Aliansyah Ramadika
Said Aliansyah Ramadika OVO Brand Executive OVO
Ludmilla Veloso
Ludie Veloso VP of Marketing Airbrush
Florian Gleissner
Florian Gleissner Fastic Lead Product Marketing Manager Fastic
Claire Cruz
Claire Cruz AARKI Director of Client Services - Asia AARKI
Kelvin Teh
Kelvin Teh Leanplum Senior Customer Success Manager Leanplum
Natsuhi Yasuda
Natsuhi Yasuda AppTweak Head of Business Development Japan AppTweak


All Times SG/China
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Welcome Message & Kick-Off!

We'll kick-off the event, explain how the virtual event will work, and introduce everyone to the custom-built and proprietary App Growth Summit virtual event platform!

Louis Tanguay
Louis Tanguay Managing Director, App Growth Summit
State of Growth for Mobile Gaming in APAC

In this fireside chat, Devin Nambiar, Head of Asia Product & Partnered Development for Electronic Arts (EA) discusses the massive privacy changes to the global app ecosystem, and how his team at EA are pivoting for sustained success, as well as which new growth drivers he’s most excited about to continue to expand EA’s success throughout APAC.

Devin Nambiar
Devin Nambiar Electronic Arts Head of Asia Product & Partnered Development, Electronic Arts (EA)
Accelerating Growth & Mobile Revenue Through User Behavior & Segmentation with OVO

During this fireside chat, we’ll dive into how OVO leverages Events/Parameters to generate distinct and personalized offers depending on users’ behavioral patterns, and A/B tests on these data. Said Idroes, OVO’s Brand Executive, and Kelvin Teh, Leanplum’s Senior Customer Success Manager, discuss and elaborate on OVO’s continuous drive for growth and revenue using segmentation, remote management of variables, and optimal send time. If you are a brand marketer and mobile app publisher, you don't want to miss this fireside chat!

Said Aliansyah Ramadika
Said Aliansyah Ramadika OVO Brand Executive, OVO
Kelvin Teh
Kelvin Teh Leanplum Senior Customer Success Manager, Leanplum
Get More Users with App Store Localization in APAC

Localizing your app or game is becoming more and more important in order to compete in the highly competitive APAC market. We've gathered all the information, tips, and examples you need to successfully localize and grow your app or game internationally!

Natsuhi Yasuda
Natsuhi Yasuda AppTweak Head of Business Development Japan, AppTweak
Mobile Programmatic Ads That Convert:
How to Achieve It and What to Expect for 2022

What's your main expectation when running mobile ad campaigns? That it will convert to high value users, right? But this is not always the case. In this talk, Claire Cruz, Director of Client Services - Asia, will share the 3 pillars - Machine Learning, Creative, and Campaign Management - that you need to consider in order to achieve a successful ad campaign that will translate to valuable app users. Alongside that, Claire will share her insight into trends that marketers should look out for in 2022 in our ever-evolving industry.

Claire Cruz
Claire Cruz AARKI Director of Client Services - Asia, AARKI
Influencer Marketing Strategies in Practice

Influencer marketing has exploded in recent years. However, many applications are not getting the ROI they expected. This is due to many factors and failures in planning, strategy and positioning. Our speaker will talk a little more about success stories that happened in AirBrush in recent years and give several valuable tips on how to get the most out of this channel.

Ludmilla Veloso
Ludie Veloso VP of Marketing, Airbrush
The Balancing Act Between Revenue & Smart Customer Journey

In this expert presentation by Germany's Florian Gleißner from Fastic, you will learn the differences between Event-Based vs. Behavior-Based Monetization Strategies. We're happy to have a European perspective deliver some strategies which have worked for his app, so our APAC community can hear new and fresh perspectives and voices. Enjoy!

Florian Gleissner
Florian Gleissner Fastic Lead Product Marketing Manager, Fastic
Virtual Happy Hour!

After a great event filled with expert insights and amazing sessions, we'll leave the virtual doors open so everyone can continue to network and connect with other attendees in the final event of 2021!


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Like all App Growth Summit events this event is Invite-Only with limited vendors, but AGS APAC 2021 is 100% free and open to any Mobile App, Game, or Brand. Vendors & Services providers must be sponsors in order to attend. If you qualify and would like to attend, please feel free to…

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App Growth Summit Testimonials

Sophie Vo

"The diversity of businesses present made the topics super interesting for attendees. I found the atmosphere super friendly with the speakers as well. Happy to join it again next time!"

Sophie Vo, Voodoo
JoJo Chang

"AGS really made it! People were connected and talked about their ideas/experience and ways of marketing on the edge! It was really good to attend! "

JoJo Chang, Yotta Games