App Growth Summit SF 2021

September 22, 2021 Dogpatch Studios • San Francisco, CA

All Phases of App Growth:

On September 22, 2021, we will return in-person to the Mobile App capital of the world with App Growth Summit SF 2021! We will feature dozens of safety measures and precautions to provide the returning mobile app growth experts who wish to attend a safe and still enjoyable experience! For those who still will not feel ready to return to even reduced-capacity and socially-distanced events, no worries! Our custom-built AGS Virtual Event Platform will be in use as well. Every App Growth Summit event moving forward as of the end of Q3 2021* will be a hybrid event where you can choose the interaction level you’re most comfortable with!

50 Expert Speakers
Invite-Only Attendance
Custom-Curated & Informative Sessions
Limited Vendors
Quick-Paced Agenda
& Hybrid Attendance Options for Your Comfort!

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*Please note, we see hopefully projections from health department officials that 3rd Quarter would be a target to return to smaller events in a limited-capacity. If at any time App Growth Summit, the City of San Francisco, or the State of California feel it’s not safe to gather in even smaller-sized groups, we will produce this event fully virtual again.


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Like all App Growth Summit events this event is Invite-Only with limited vendors, but AGS San Francisco 2021 will be 100% free and open to any Mobile App, Game, or Brand. Vendors & Services providers must be sponsors in order to attend. If you qualify and would like to attend, please feel free to…

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App Growth Summit Testimonials

Elizabeth Olson

"Not only is App Growth Summit a well-organized event, but the excellent content and quality of attendees made it a very worthwhile day."

Elizabeth Olson, Strategic Marketing & PR Consultant
Jason Sutherland

"App Growth Summit is a great and quick way to surround yourself with like-minded professionals across many verticals."

Jason Sutherland, Movoto