Going Global: An International Panel on UA Expansion

in partnership with Taptica
April 25, 2019 @ 3pm PST USA Virtual Panel • Online Broadcast
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The first Virtual Session for 2019 will be truly unique. We’ll have panelists from around the world, live at the same time to go over what works in their geographic location, and what their experience has been expanding outside their geo!
Seeing success in your home market is your first step to a sustainable app business. However, to truly realize success at scale, you’re going to need the right strategy when it’s time to go global! International User Acquisition efforts are challenging, and require the right targeting and creatives to construct the most efficient and effective UA campaigns for your app or game.
Never before has there been a live high-powered panel of international UA experts from North America, LATAM, Europe, Asia and Australia simultaneously discussing strategies to help get you started on your path to international success with key learnings and actionable take-aways to maximize your global efforts!

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Paula Neves
Paula Neves Chief Mobile Officer Gazeus Games
Gazeus Games
Lomit Patel
Lomit Patel Vice President, Growth IMVU
Lin Zhao
Lin Zhao Founder Appnile
Amit Dar
Amit Dar General Manager, Americas Taptica
Anna Ji Director of Growth Clipchamp

App Growth Summit Testimonials

Andre Kempe

"AGS is certainly one of the best events in the industry when it comes to knowledge transfer & meeting new people. What I also liked very much was the limited amount of sponsors."

André Kempe, Admiral Media
Anna Yukhtenko

"I do like the vibe that there’s not that many vendors, or a lot of people trying to sell stuff to you."

Anna Yukhtenko, Hutch