AGS Digital Growth Summit Austin 2021

Produced by App Growth Summit
November 16, 2021 10:00am CST • Zilker Lodge, Austin, TX
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AGS Digital Growth Summit Austin 2021 marks the first time we’ll be producing an event in ATX, one of the fastest growing tech cities in the world! This event will feature a unique mix of the mobile app experts you expect from an App Growth Summit event, mixed with digital growth experts who handle more of an omnichannel strategy. Digital Growth Summit Austin will be our first production of our sister brand we’ve created to an invite-only audience. Digital Growth Summit Austin 2021 will pave the way for more omnichannel content events in 2022!

20 Expert Speakers
10 Custom-Curated Sessions
Fully-Customized Virtual Event Platform

This invite-only, limited-vendor event is designed to showcase the great mobile app and digital growth experts located in ATX! Sign up early!

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Companies Attending Include:



Vivian Chang
Vivian Chang Clorox Company VP Growth, Nutranext DTC The Clorox Company
Clorox Company
Hannah Parvaz
Hannah Parvaz Uptime Head of Marketing Uptime
Miray Alanlar
Miray Alanlar FanDuel Sr Product Marketing Manager FanDuel
Vivek Girotra
Vivek Girotra Times Internet VP of Growth Marketing Times Internet
Times Internet
Mike Brooks
Michael Brooks SVP of Revenue WeatherBug
Pedro de Arteaga
Pedro de Arteaga COO & VP USA Winclap
April Dominguez
April Dominguez Founder & CEO HANDSOME App
Handsome App
Caroline Hubbard
Caroline Hubbard Product Manager, Growth
Alex Kozachenko
Alex Kozachenko CEO HyperBeard
HyperBeard Games
Reema Naser
Reema Naser Self Financial Product Manager Self Financial
Self Financial
Oscar Pico
Oscar Pico TKWW Sr. Director of Global SEO The Knot Worldwide
The Knot Worldwide
Sangita Sarkar
Sangita Sarkar Level Ex Vice President, Marketing Level Ex
Level Ex
Laura Schaack
Laura Schaack Tattd Founder & CEO Tattd
Olivia Thompson
Olivia Thompson Sesh Director of Marketing Sesh
Sesh Logo 2021_220
Ken Vermeille
Ken Vermeille Founder Vermillion Sky
Vermillion Sky
Michele Webb
Michele Webb Smadex VP of US Growth & Programmatic Smadex
Smadex Logo 2021


Full Agenda Coming Soon
9:00 CT
Pre-Event Networking!

The gates to the lodge will be open for networking! We'll have some light breakfast and coffee for our attendees and we start to get ready for the first ever AGS Digital Growth Summit in Austin, TX!

10am - 12:30pm CT
Main Stage Sessions
Presentations & Panels

The first half of the day will feature amazing Keynotes, Presentations, and Panels on our outdoor wood stage in the front yard of our Lodge venue. In typical Austin style, we'll have a great rustic Central Texas vibe as we get the day started with app and digital growth experts sharing the stage!

Full Schedule of Sessions coming soon!

12:30-1:30pm CT
Food Truck Lunch!
BBQ & Tex-Mex Food Trucks!

We can't have an event in ATX without some BBQ and Tex-Mex served from some local and famous Food Trucks! There will be be typical Central Texas fare, as well as offerings for dietary restrictions and Vegan options alike! Enjoy our catered lunch, Austin-style!

1:30 - 4pm CT
Expert Presentations & Roundtables

Our afternoon sessions will be in the Lodge, and we'll have concurrent sessions for the rest of the afternoon.

One of our rooms will feature expert insights and presentations for those who want to hear case studies, lessons, and more!

The other lodge room will feature concurrent Roundtable sessions for those who want to get together and share some open discussions in a group setting!

Both rooms will have a schedule which is both concurrently run, but the sessions will have matching break points, so attendees can go back and forth throughout the afternoon, and topics in each room will not overlap, so you can keep the conversations going in multiple formats!

4pm CT
Open Bar Happy Hour!

After a full day of expert insights, sessions, discussions, and great food; it's time to cap off the day with a fun open bar networking reception and Happy Hour!


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Marketing & Development Partners

Like all App Growth Summit events, Digital Growth Summit Austin is Invite-Only with limited vendors. AGS Digital Growth Summit Austin 2021 will be 100% free and open to any Mobile App, Game, Brand, or B2C Digital Marketing expert. If you qualify and would like to attend, please feel free to…

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Lubo Smid

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Lubo Smid, STRV
Cecile Lowrey

"The people who attend AGS events are all experts who want to come and learn from each other, and listen to each other’s different points of view, so it makes AGS really valuable."

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