App Growth Masterminds Berlin 2022

1 September 2022 9:30 CEST • Berliner Freiheit, Berlin, Germany
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App Growth Masterminds Berlin wasn’t like our regular App Growth Summits. This new, more intimate format has been very popular, because it’s one part idea-exchange, one part brainstorming, and all-around fun! All while creating connections in a new, fresh, and positive environment conducive to ideation, networking, and knowledge sharing.

Limited to 65 Experts
Fully-Immersive Format
Open & Honest Closed-Door Discussions

App Growth Masterminds Berlin, like all our events, was invite-only, and limited only to leaders in the Mobile App Growth industry who were actively looking to improve their app success and the industry as a whole by sharing real off-the-record information and strategies together.

Networking & Connection with Fellow Experts
Attendees Learned What’s Working (and What’s Not) from Speakers
Personalized Brainstorming & Ideation



Masterminds Agenda

Pre-Event Networking & Coffee

As guests arrived into our retreat-for-the-day space, they grabbed some breakfast, and started meeting the other app growth experts who they spent day, exchanged ideas and strategies with! They powered up with some coffee and networking!

Welcome Message

We kicked-off the sold-out event by explaining how the AGS Masterminds works, and set everyone up for a day designed for ideation, strategy discussions, and building bonds with their fellow app growth experts.

Louis Tanguay
Louis Tanguay Managing Director, App Growth Summit
How to Leverage User Onboarding to Maximize Marketing Permissions & Retention

Our first Workshop session of the day! In this 35-minute discussion, each Workshop was led by an expert on that topic, Lorenzo Rossi from REPLUG instructed on: What do users think after opening your application for the first time?

The success and sustainability of your mobile app starts with an effective onboarding strategy. In this session, you'll see why user onboarding is critical, and how marketing and product teams must work together to create a kick-ass onboarding strategy!

There will be active learning, discussion, and open Q&A!

Lorenzo Rossi
Lorenzo Rossi REPLUG Co-Founder & Head of Growth, REPLUG
Prepare for Growth!
Identify & Launch Your App/Game in New Markets

The mobile app market continues to grow with new markets gaining traction and new apps/games emerging worldwide, which create new growth opportunities. In this second workshop of the day, Sarah B. Touimi from AppTweak will show you how to identify the next new potential markets for your app/game, and prepare for a successful launch so you can better allocate your resources and maximise your app/game's chances in the new market. This workshop will be both instructive and interactive so get ready to be challenged!

Sarah Touimi
Sarah Touimi AppTweak ASO Manager, AppTweak
Making Growth Tactics Part of the Product Development Process

In our third workshop session of the day, a 35-minute in-depth data lecture, we learned how Product and Marketing are unique partners. In theory, cooperation should be extremely close. In practice, teams often differ in very different directions, making it difficult to use each other's findings to improve their own initiatives, as well as the goals for the company.

Joanna Janik, Data Strategy Architect for Booksy, explored solutions for product & marketing teams to discover tactics for efficient & scalable cooperation. These solutions include combining processes, creating clear data structure, knowledge repositories and competence centers which enable working in a more holistic way to maximize effects of growth initiatives.

Joanna Janik
Joanna Janik Booksy Data Strategy Architect, Booksy
Catered Lunch!

Our app growth experts took a break for fueling up with a tasty, catered lunch; and did a little more networking with their fellow Masterminds peers and discussions on what they just learned!

User Acquisition Masterminds AMA

In this Interactive Masterminds Panel, we opened the floor (and the mics) to the audience after a quick structured discussion. Our UA experts answered all of the audience's questions; ranging from Ad Creatives & Units, UA Channel and Media Mix, to ROAS and Performance Optimization, and much more!

Pau Quevedo
Pau Quevedo Smadex VP of Product Performance and Growth, Smadex
Oguz Ayar
Oguz Ayar Voodoo User Acquisition Manager, Voodoo
Ting-Yi Wang
Ting-Yi Wang Google Gaming Growth Manager, Google
Misha Osintsev
Misha Osintsev Kolibri Games Head of User Acqusition, Kolibri Games
Marta Ewa Fogel
Marta Ewa Fogel Proton Performance Marketing Lead, Proton
Turn Your Customers into a Growth Engine

We’ve all heard the stories of PayPal, Dropbox and several other companies that supercharged their growth through referrals. The question however remains - where do I start? How can I setup the right referral program for my app? Build vs Buy - How much would it cost? What incentive should I offer? In this fourth workshop session of the day, Faithful Adia from HelloFresh walked us through a framework for setting up the right referral program that unlocks next-level growth for your brand! There was more active learning, discussion, and open Q&A!

Faithful Adia
Faithful Adia HelloFresh Senior Marketing Automation Manager, HelloFresh
How to Drive Success on Apple Search Ads
with Custom Product Pages, CPA Goals, Custom Reports, & More!

In this session we took a closer look at different ASA strategies that have proved success for businesses of all sizes. The interactive workshop covered everything from campaign structure, brand protection and awareness, to scaling, improving ROAS, Custom Product Pages, and more! In addition, Yanina Velikova from Admiral Media discussed the two new campaign types Apple just announced, and what opportunities they will unlock for app marketers.

Yanina Velikova
Yanina Velikova Admiral Media Performance Marketing Manager, Admiral Media
Tracking Taxonomy: It's Not What You Think!

In our final Workshop session of the day, a 35-minute lecture on Tracking Taxonomy, Lior Barak taught the packed room how to learn to track their events in a meaningful way, what information should they keep, and how to ensure their teams knew what data to use. There was active learning, in-depth discussion, and open Q&A!

Lior Barak
Lior Barak Chief Product Officer, Tale About Data
Appy Hour Open Bar Reception

After all the ideations and strategies had been given and received, it was time to network one more time at our open bar APPY HOUR, and go over some of the amazing learnings, break-throughs, and insights our expert attendees gathered throughout the day!


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App Growth Summit Testimonials

Stephen Lee

"App Growth Summit was a very informative event. A lot of relevant topics were covered and I met a lot of marketing professionals across different industries."

Stephen Lee, DECA Games
Saulo Marti

"AGS is easily the best event to meet amazingly talented people and exchange high-level ideas. Speakers are always insightful and eager to chat afterwards. All in all, one of the few events you actually come away learning something awesome!"

Saulo Marti, Diferente