Introducing: The Masked Marketer…

How many times have you been around close associates and business friends, in small groups at networking events, text message conversations, or around the water cooler and you either said, or heard, something spoken that was slightly controversial which you agreed with…but you know you could never (or should never) say in public or on social media?

Maybe you have, or heard, a theory that hasn’t been proven, yet, but to help the vetting process along there needs to be some conversation amongst trusted colleagues and friends? Maybe even an anonymous post to get people talking, and see how the public reacts!

Maybe you want to call out some B.S. you see in the industry. You don’t want to take the heat, but you know it just needs to be said…by someone. Maybe you?!

Well, get your popcorn ready!

We would like to introduce The Masked Marketer!

This person could be male, female, vendor, client, colleague, or any/all of the above! They will say these things you heard, maybe you agree with, maybe you don’t. Maybe they are theories you never thought of, and maybe they will challenge the way you think! They might even shock you, and open your eyes to topics, tests and ideas you never thought were out there!

Get Involved: Grab The Mask!

We have a few Marketers already fitting the mask to their faces, and preparing articles now! They’re either deep underground in nondescript speakeasies, toiling away in the night…or…just at a coffee shop in broad daylight. It really doesn’t have to be that dramatic.

Contact Us or Submit Your Article, if you would like to grab the mask and share something Controversial, Confessional, Theoretical, Inconclusive, or Irreverently Inappropriate but Fun. Hey, it’s doesn’t have to be negative! Masked Marketers need to have fun, too!

Confidentiality Clause

We will NEVER reveal the identity of any contributor. You can even submit material anonymously. The only one who can unmask our marketers/contributors are the authors themselves. We’ll even sign a brief contract to prove it if you prefer. With great reveals, come great responsibilities!

Please Note: We reserve the right to refuse or respectfully decline any content we feel is not in-line with our goals for this series. We will still maintain confidentiality, however, even if we decline to publish.

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What They're Saying

Alexa Sundberg - Gunderson Direct

"Great energy in the SF APP Growth Summit - there was literally a roar of the exchange of ideas and strategies - a lot of lively conversation. Everyone with the goal of testing, exchanging ideas and growing. Also, thank you for the diversity in speakers."

Alexa Sundberg, Gunderson Direct
Kevin Kinnison

"App Growth Summit is where it's at! Great Content with meaningful speakers from big Brands and mobile companies. Furthermore everyone in the San Francisco mobile industry is here making it a great place to catch up and do business. Definitely made some fantastic connections here."

Kevin Kinnison, Lightning AI