The Appy Hour Talk Show is the always fun, semi-informative, always relevant and slightly irreverent podcast! So whether you’re on your way to work, on your way home from work, or just bored at work, pop in an episode and take a quick shot of the Appy Hour Talk Show presented by App Growth Summit!

Appy Hour Episodes

Season 01 • Episode 05

Andrew Birnbryer, Startup Advisor & Mobile Consultant

Sep 3, 2020

Andrew brings his energy to the podcast room, and into your ears to espouse the massive sweetness of kisses from grandma as well as his Sneaker Head affinity for fancy and fun podiatric coverings. We’ll also discuss New York Pizza. For our tech talking segment, Andrew Talks Nerdy to us about the massive potential surrounding location-based targeting.

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Season 01 • Episode 04

Siberia Su, Jump Ramp Games

Aug 26, 2020

Siberia shares a personal anecdote about the trials and tribulations of losing a job while on a work visa and having to race to find a new job with the deadline running out. Hear how a large segment of the mobile app industry came to help and how she was able to stay calm, focused and positive through that very stressful time.

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Season 01 • Episode 03

Alex Merutka, Craftsman Plus

Aug 20, 2020

Alex will explore with us his many instances of accidental self-injury, literally swimming with sharks while having a bloody nose, and ignoring friendly advice to accidentally slide down an entire icy staircase, and discuss being a “Dragon Bro.” Alex talked nerdy with us about changing the game of mobile ad creative. How he finds time for all this, we’ll maybe never know.

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Season 01 • Episode 02

Adrian Sarasa & Deniz Varol, letgo

Aug 13, 2020

Adrian and Deniz join us to give a first-hand account of how many tattoos they have, the joy of dogs in offices, the importance of fitness as a way to balance your mind and life, and call attention to the essential requirement of doing what we can to progress diversity in tech for greater inclusion and acceptance. For their Talk Nerdy to Me segment, we’ll dip our toes into the Retargeting and Attribution in UA waters.

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Season 01 • Episode 01

Adam Hadi, Current

Aug 6, 2020

Adam talks to us about learning languages, looking for homes in NYC, marital longevity, and how to fix the NY Knicks. For our Talk Nerdy to Me segment, we’ll discuss personalized marketing for your customers.

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Tamy Ribeiro

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Tamy Ribeiro, Wunder Mobility
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