The Appy Hour Talk Show is the always fun, semi-informative, always relevant and slightly irreverent podcast! So whether you’re on your way to work, on your way home from work, or just bored at work, pop in an episode and take a quick shot of the Appy Hour Talk Show presented by App Growth Summit!

Appy Hour Episodes

Season 03 • Episode 02

Mike Brooks, Weatherbug

Jul 1, 2021

What do you do after visiting the Seven Wonders of the World? Get interviewed at the unofficial Eighth; the Appy Hour! Mike Brooks joins us to chat comedy writing, casual golfing, and AGS Antarctica. We Talk Nerdy about Apple's confusing guidelines on soft-prompts post-IDFA and more!

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Season 03 • Episode 01

Kasha Stewart, The Walt Disney Company

Jul 1, 2021

From film school to a paparazzi agency to Head of Product at Disney; Kasha Stewart is a powerhouse in the Product space! She kicks off Season Three of the Appy Hour Talk Show by sharing how she "flies a plane blindfolded" as a leader, advocates for BIPOC representation in mobile and entertainment, and survived flubbing her FANG interview.

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Season 02 • Episode 09

Sabrina Chen, Jam City

Dec 17, 2020

Recorded Live at App Growth Summit Los Angeles 2020, Jam City's Senior User Acquisition Specialist, Sabrina Chen, joined the Appy Hour team on the stage for a fun episode. This short, but mighty, episode helps us end 2020 with the memory of what it was like to get together in-person.

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Season 02 • Episode 08

Charles Manning, Kochava

Dec 9, 2020

Widely considered one of the true geniuses in the mobile industry, Charles Manning, CEO of Kochava joins Ariel and Louis to discuss a wide range of topics. From the expected Talking Nerdy about the upcoming IDFA deprecation and public speaking advice, to the unexpected personal adventures and endeavors such as the story of how Kochava chose Sandpoint, ID for their location, how it is working in the same company with his wife, living in and traveling all over the world, and of course what time-to-relax beverages does he partake in when needed.

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Season 02 • Episode 07

Shana Sumers, NEXT Music

Dec 3, 2020

A true breath of fresh air and a powerhouse of brilliance, talent, and charisma, Shana Sumers joins Ariel & Louis to discuss how to be authentically and unapologetically yourself, our collective TikTok addictions, and producing her "Bad Queers" podcast. We go get to Talking Nerdy with Shana and discuss Community Management, and how it can help brands!

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Season 02 • Episode 06

Lomit Patel, IMVU

Nov 18, 2020

Overcoming great odds, living out of a car, and a photo finish hiring before the visa runs out...this is the inspiring life story of well-known mobile app industry author Lomit Patel. Many people know of Lomit as the prolific app growth expert, conference speaker, and best-selling author. We dive into Lomit's inspiring backstory and also receive some amazing parental advice along the way as well! Far less silly, but way more inspirational than our typical interview, you'll love listening to, and learning more about, IMVU's Vice President of Growth, Lomit Patel.

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Season 02 • Episode 05

Vishal Korlipara, Intuit

Nov 12, 2020

Florida Man...and Data Science? Yes! Vishal Korlipara joins Ariel and Louis for a wild ride educating Ariel on the "wonders" of "Florida Man," accidentally being an accomplice to 'gator thieving, NYC tips from an Atlanta guy, and of course.... Data Science? We absolutely guarantee you will never hear any mobile app industry podcast episode like THIS one...and it's debatable if that's a good or bad thing! Check it out for yourself, but first buckle up, because it's going to be a crazy and wild ride on this one!

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Season 02 • Episode 04

Nancy Roberts & Ashley Schmitt, YOUAPPI

Nov 5, 2020

What happens when you get 4 really good friends together for a podcast episode? A whole lot of fun, giggles, and positive energy! Hang out with us and YouAppi's Nancy Roberts & Ashley Schmitt for a quick shot of attention and a brief escape from your day to hear us talk about Appy Hour drinks, calls vs texts, aliens, emoticons, and how to rethink your outreach strategies during challenging times when we can't network in person.

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Season 02 • Episode 03

Thomas Pan, STEEZY

Oct 29, 2020

No other podcast brings you both a whale noise competition, and discussion of different app growth archetypes...but the Appy Hour Talk Show does! We catch up with Thomas Pan about his remarkable keychain collection (yes, you can send him literally any keychain for collection), and his growing Sneaker Head collection. A fun talk show with a splash of talking nerdy...that's The Appy Hour Talk Show podcast!

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Season 02 • Episode 02

Julia Martin, MoPub

Oct 22, 2020

Continuing our 2nd Season of the Appy Hour Talk Show (and Podcast), is the fun and super smart Julia Martin, MoPub's Senior Programmatic Demand Lead! We chat with the always personable Julia about her favorite wine (this IS the Appy Hour, after all!), living in SoCal, and how our co-Host Ariel sounds very familiar for some reason....Then, we'll Talk Nerdy about the in's and out's of the LATAM Market, especially Brasil! We end off on a fun note, as always, where we put Julia's unique talent of being able to name ANY country's capital city to the test!

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Piotr Predkiewicz

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Piotr Prędkiewicz, App Growth Expert
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