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These 5 Publishers Are Dominating The Hyper-Casual Games Market

Hyper-casual games are a major development in the fast-paced mobile industry. We take a look at the publishers who are shaping its future. The mobile games industry is fast-paced, highly profitable, and ludicrously competitive. It’s also a market space where trends develop and flourish in a surprisingly short span of time. Hyper-casual games are an […]

5 Awesome Time-Saving Tools For Busy Facebook Campaign Managers

Modern marketers have a laundry-list of things they need to accomplish on any given day, and Facebook campaign management can quickly eat into the few precious hours they have. Between analyzing split test results, adjusting budgets, experimenting with targeting options, developing creative and rotating ad sets, it’s a wonder there’s time left for anything else.  […]

3 Ways to Increase Your App’s Day 1 Retention

Experienced mobile publishers know that strong retention is invaluable. Whether it’s the same game played during a daily commute or a weekly check-in on the latest ecommerce products, a “sticky” app is one that’s halfway to success. If a material segment of users are opening your app daily, or even multiple times per hour, it’s […]

3 Design Hacks for Better Click-Through Rates

Effective marketing depends on compelling creative. Unfortunately, there is no cut-and-dried formula to design compelling creative that compels audiences to take action. It requires just the right combination of artwork, messaging, copy and calls to action, but there is no consistent formula for designing winning creative. Like any creative discipline, the only consistent way forward […]

The Big Retail Tactics Winning the Holiday Sales War

Online retail has come a long way since the first ever online sale, of a $12 Sting CD, was closed by 21-year-old Michael Kohn. More than two decades later, online shopping has ballooned into a bustling $1.8 trillion marketplace. This holiday season, analysts predict record-breaking sales from e-commerce, led by online retail giants like Amazon and Etsy. Businesses can pick up a lot from these retailers’ holiday marketing campaigns.

An App Developer’s Guide to Holiday Marketing

Holidays are the busiest time of the year for developers, and the planning starts well before cobwebs and pumpkins are replaced with tinsel and garland. New app themes, install campaigns, and promos can feel like an overwhelming mix for developers. Here are some facts to remember to not only survive, but thrive during the holiday season.

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